Aspiring to Greatness vs. Getting it Done

February 7, 2009sparxoo_admin

by David Capece

Sparxoo was launched to provide leadership to entrepreneurs and organizations seeking to achieve their full potential (here’s a blog post is about motivating to excellence).  A comparison of recent meetings with prospective business partners sheds light on the Sparxoo philosophy and approach, and is an important business lesson.  Let me introduce Partner A as “getting things done” and Partner B as “aspiring to greatness.”

After the meetings, our team reflected on Partner A and we really wanted to like them because of their roll-up-your-sleeves approach.  We respected the “I will do whatever it takes to make things happen.”  We were concerned that they would get things done fast but mediocre.  Partner B impressed us with their dynamic talent, their aspiraiton and their vision.  And while we were excited at the upside they brought to the table, we were concerned that they might be more show than action.

As our team discussed the pros and cons of these options, we concluded that we must partner with someone who paved the way to greatness, while also having confidence in their ability to execute.  It’s not enough to have ideas without execution, and it’s not enough to deliver predictably mediocre results.  It’s the two ingredients together (aspiration and achievement) that make a powerful combination.

With this spirit, we decided to hunt for a 3rd alternative who might represent the best of both worlds (here’s a great article with tips on identifying and evaluating vendors).  Through an introduction, we found that ideal partner which had strategic and execution capabilities.  We were impressed with their team and awaited their proposal.  One of the side effects of the current economy is that there is a lot more flexibility to negotiate.  So while this 3rd alternative would have likely been more expensive than either of our initial two options, we were able to secure their services slightly under our initial budget and on par with the rates of the first two options.  The takeaway from this story is that you should have high standards for aligning with an outstanding partner who aspires to greatness and delivers outstanding performance.  And better yet, you may be surprised in your ability to secure such a partner on affordable terms in the current economic climate.