TrendWatch: 2009 Mainstream Trends

February 8, 2009sparxoo_admin

by Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

What does Mealbaby and anti-material gifts have in common? More importantly, what is an anti-material gift?

We will take you on a cross-cultural journey, where Hummer sales are related to Icelandic beer and virtual pizza can be delivered to your doorstep. We’ve scoured the web to find interesting companies doing fresh, innovative thinking, and injected our unique perspective and insight to create a list of mainstream trends. We’ll show you how your products can sell faster if they were plugged into the fourth dimension and how your company can connect and network with prospective customers through creative collaboration.

While this list of trends may not be exhaustive, it is comprehensive. We have put a lot of time, effort and thinking to give you the most accurate list of what’s happening now, so you can plan for tomorrow.

Trend Summaries

Home-Turf King
This trend is all about the empowered self within—where you are pulling the strings; where you are your own manager, travel guide and entrepreneur.

Seismic Shift
An earthquake has shaken our social foundation—shifting the power of the chosen few and giving opportunity to the many.

Fourth Dimension
In a world where ultimate accessibility is an integral part of our everyday lives, we sometimes feel like we’re living in an alternate dimension.

We’re all in search for the next best thing, whether our journey leads us to another continent or an alternate universe.

Human Bond: Revisited
We are reprioritizing what is important in our lives—choosing meaningful relationships over objects and things.

As we understand our footprint on the environment, eco-innovation is crucial for eco-sustainability. That’s why entrepreneurs are finding new, innovative ways to save our environment while attracting new customers.

Personal Symmetry
A healthy balance between mind, body and soul keep us energized, refreshed and ready to face everyday challenges.

Bite-Size Indulgence
In an era where over indulgence is a no-no, we look to bite-size pleasures to satisfy our cravings for that much-needed getaway.

Back to Basics
A practical lifestyle is the new lifestyle again. As we look to cut back on excess spending, we’re looking towards products and services that are sensible, not expendable.

The Real Deal
In an age where one man can steal $50 billion, transparency is elemental in business communication.

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