Trendwatch: Dreamcatcher

February 12, 2009sparxoo_admin


We’re all in search of the next great experience

By Ethan Lyon
Dreamcatcher is all about the search for something new, different, fun; the something that gives you a rush and makes you want to tell someone about it. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences allow for personal growth and bring us closer to reaching our dreams. Climbing Machu Picchu or touring the Vatican makes us feel unique, cultured and want to share our experiences with those around us.

Exploration—Curiosity is what drives human innovation and our search for experiences change the world around and within us. It’s that search for something profound that contributes to the multi-dimensional character explorers yearn for. It’s that treasure that can be taken in a picture but will never completely be understood by those absent from the frame.
Story Telling—Experientials are usually photo / video takers—people who opt to visually define their unique experiences with a narration in the form of a caption or voice-over. Uploading a couple hundred pictures or ten minutes of video from your shark-dive in Maui requires little effort. Just click a couple of buttons and you’re done—your trip to Maui is accessible wherever there’s an Internet connection. Though photo-takers are still very popular, there is an emerging video population. As video becomes more accessible, it will rival those photo-bloggers out there.

Shark Diver–Located in Guadalupe, the company Shark Diver will give you the trip of a lifetime. To come in arms reach of a Great White Shark, tourists can pay a $3,100 fee to “discover real adventure.” Coming face-to-face with a Great White Shark commands respect from friends and family. And, you will have the pictures to prove it.
Photobucket–Heavy Photobucket users usually want to share their experiences with others. Photoblogs are popular because creating and editing a virtual photo album requires less work than journaling in a blog.
Tripwolf—Austrian website, Tripwolf offers jetsetters, or those that just want to live another life for a while, a resource guide that’s comprehensive as it is interesting. Tripwolf combines professional, editorial and user-generated travel guides all for free.

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Experience, Story Telling, Explore, Curiosity, Cultured

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