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February 15, 2009sparxoo_admin

Built to last

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

No longer are scientists questioning the human footprint on our global environment. Words like green, sustainable, Eco, followed by friendly, conscious, aware etc have become a mainstay in the national and international vernacular, because the effects of our actions as a human race is becoming more apparent. However, sustainability is more than science, it’s about our collective responsibility as a compassionate people.  We are realizing the impact and intersection of personal and planetary health.

Survival Edge—We, as the human race, were not meant to extinguish our own existence. Just as our ability to rise above the animal kingdom and adapt intellectually has created destruction, it too can bring out our survival instinct and push our creativity and innovation. It is the innate human ability to overcome that gives us our survival edge.
Sustainability—Built to last is the big picture. The polar ice shelves, a dwindling polar bear population, the mass extinction of species can be traced to human behavior. Companies and individuals are going to continue to look to the long term, past their generation and even their children’s generation to consider that the actions of today have consequences tomorrow.

GE—General Electric is pioneering the sustainable future of America. With new, innovative technology, GE “ecoimagination” has branded itself the north star of an eco-friendly/environmentally conscious company.
Google—Monitoring consumption is an important element in developing sustainability on a planetary level. Google’s energy calculator gives users a simple tool to evaluate personal energy consumption. Adding the numbers, users can see how easy it can be to save money and the environment.
Vegawatt—Environment sustainability has been a major issue that’s been weaved into our social, political and economic structures. And as we fall on difficult economic times, business sustainability has taken the front seat. Combining the two is where businesses are headed in the future. Vegawatt is one of many solutions for both challenges. Vegawatt is an energy supply system for restaurants to re-purpose used vegetable oils for energy production.

Key Words
Energy, Eco-Friendly, Extinction, Staying-Power, Innovation

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