Death of the Digg Salesman

in Digital Marketing Strategy & Trends | by Ethan Lyon

A Lesson in Bookmarking Etiquette and Boosting Your Digg Profile

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writerdigg_salesman_headline.jpg

To shed light on ways to use social bookmarking sites for your business, let us illustrate:

Now, how would you feel if an salesmen moved in next door? Knocking on your door five or six times a day trying to sell you the latest and greatest shoe polisher or “genuine” Italian leather belts? You’d probably want to key their car. Had your neighbor become friends and he just mentioned a nice new belt he got for Christmas, you might believe him and consider getting one yourself.

This salesman neighbor is an illustration of social bookmarking sites. If you become that salesmen neighbor, you’re going to be flagged as spam and get the boot. There are ways that you can contribute to the community, build friendships with users while promoting your business. Think of your business moving to a neighborhood.

Let’s focus on Web 2.0’s darling, Digg…

1% chance. That is the likelihood of you landing on the front page of Digg. Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet to land your submission on the front page of Digg. Sorry. But there are ways you can boost your chances of making that top ten… getting over 100 Diggs… the Holy Grail for Diggers.

We’ve done our research and compiled a list that might give you some business marketing insight for your company.

You have to remember Digg is a community. Becoming a member of that community, being a part of the conversation is key to networking and creating brand awareness.

[singlepic id=69 w=65 h=58 float=left]Your business has a personality. Does that personality like quirky stories about the 10 best science tattoos or is of more formal and professional–preferring to Digg the latest developments in the financial sector. Digg your network of fans and gear you Diggs and submissions towards stories your brand, not necessarily you, think is interesting.

[singlepic id=68 w=65 h=58 float=left]Spam. There is nothing more that will have diggers grabbing their torches and pitchforks more than spam. You can Digg your own blog posts. That’s a part of your brand, but do not send shout outs exclusively about your most recent blog posts.


Let’s take a lesson from baseball for a minute. Steroids killed the careers of many of baseballs shining stars. They were lying to fans about why they are the “shining stars.” Same goes for bookmarking sites.

[singlepic id=69 w=65 h=58 float=left]Be transparent. The last thing you want to do is be deceptive. There is a middle ground between salesy and dishonesty. If you’re a company, what is your name? Maybe “Ford” is a little over the top direct. What about “AutoFan?” So now you’re not tied to the brand name, but still can contribute your knowledge of Ford.

[singlepic id=68 w=65 h=58 float=left]“Wanna buy a car? No, why not a boat? Jetski? Utensil set?” You don’t want to come across as salesy. Honesty is great and maybe if all you’re trying to do is sell something, boomarking sites are not for you. You need to want to contribute to the greater good, not just try to turn a buck.

Get Involved
The more interesting, I-want-to-know-what-that’s-all-about stories you submit and digg, the better chances other Diggers will want to become your fan. And make sure you have an interesting title, with compelling language. And find out what Diggers digg the most.

[singlepic id=69 w=65 h=58 float=left]Make sure you are representing your brand. Though the top Diggers make nearly a job out of finding interesting stories to submit, you have to find that diamond in the rough.

[singlepic id=68 w=65 h=58 float=left] Digg everything. If you Digg everything you lay your eyes on, you’re not being a part of a community—you’re throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Top Diggers spend a lot of time finding interesting stories to digg, not just a story.

There are social networking “quick fix” tools for entrepreneurs–loopholes in the system for hackers to exploit. If however, your business buys into these methods, it’s your brand and your image. So instead of being that annoying salesman neighbor, you’re the theif in the night.