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PrintBy David Capece, Managing Partner

While many Americans have lost confidence, at heart, there is a steadfast belief in a brighter future.  In yesterday’s post, Rebuilding America, we discussed the importance of social responsibility, education, community, and creativity.  Our team believes that the following 4 themes will emerge as central to the rebuilding of America.

Real Responsibility
Given the focus on accountability and our desire to find real truth, it naturally follows that Americans will place an increased emphasis on Real Responsibility. We must be a responsible leader in the world community and in our own lives.  “The average American needs to have more common sense and be more prudent about how they expend resources.”*

In a world of real responsibility, truth champions deception.

Social Entrepreneurship
“We need to start leveraging our power and take a POSITIVE leadership role in issues that are global in scope.”  While Gen X wants to help out through volunteering and charitable contributions, Gen Y has a stronger interest in making philanthropy central to their lives.  “My plan is to go into a field where I can positively impact those around me.”  Whether it’s the rise of green innovation or simply companies that recognize that they can do good, there is an emerging spirit of social entrepreneurship.

Whole Foods was an early leader to incorporate social cause into its mission.  In a world of social entrepreneurship, we will see the rise of companies like TOMS Shoes that provide great products and do good too.  Online, budding social entrepreneurs can do good for their cause through sites such as Social Vibe.

Creative Community
“America may be an individualistic society, but more often than not, those individual American dreams are grounded in a desire to help some level of community.”  We have seen an explosion of creative mashups online and that creative, experimenting culture will spread like wild fire.  As a society, we are increasingly interested in the arts.  Our young respondents express their interest in “organizing music festivals and events to raise money for specific causes, writing and reporting on issues of concern to me, and utilizing emerging media to effect more change in less time.”

While everyone knows about Facebook and MySpace, new virtual villages and creative tools are emerging. Twitter may prove to be the biggest breakthrough of 2009, and platforms such as Ning and Tumblr are waiting in the wings.

Courageous Leadership
“I would like to be able to trust the country’s leaders 100%.”  We are emerging from a period of flawed leadership and we yearn for more from our leaders.  “Our leaders should be more thoughtful and strategic in their approach.”  We will expect more from our leaders, and as our standards rise, we will require courage (Wikipedia entry on courage).

At Sparxoo, we believe that crisis equals opportunity.  The current financial crisis enables us to reprioritize and focus our efforts on rebuilding a stronger America.  Our panel is optimistic that we will rise higher.  Real responsibility, social entrepreneurship, creative community, and courageous leadership will be central to a stronger America.

*All quotes are taken from Sparxoo’s American Brand Survey in which respondents (18-39) gave their opinion on the state of the nation and where it’s heading.

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