Top 5: Emerging Trends in News

April 20, 2009sparxoo_admin


How News Fits into Sparxoo’s Emerging Trends

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

Who would have thought a book entitled, “I Can Has Cheezburger” would have sold 100,000 print copies? A compilation of pictures of cats with German-accented commentary might have been fun to check out between getting to work and actually working, but why such a blog would have such cross-platform success is what we’re going to talk about in this week’s Top 5. We found interesting news items and discuss how they fit into our Emerging Trends.

1. Redefining Icon

Selling 100,000 copies of your book is no easy task. But for Ben Huh it wasn’t so hard. From the Indie success of his blog, “I Can Has Cheezburger,” a site that posts German-accented commentary in pictures of cats, a book deal was a natural step. Susan Boyle, a middle-aged church patron, was unknown to many until she starred in a British TV talent show, “Britain’s Got Talent.” For most people that know her now, they probably didn’t tune into the TV show. Instead, she was catapulted into 5-minute stardom when that TV clip of her went digital. With nearly 30 million views and counting, her YouTube clip and the cross-platform success of Ben Huh’s cat commentary exemplifies the Redefining Icon trend by re-branding celebrity in the digital age.

2. Sensory Mashup

The Sensory Mashup trend is all about a fun, engaging experience. That might be why Apple scored 80% on customer satisfaction survey and PC scored a mere 58% to 66%. Apple has created a chasse for developers to create very interactive applications and software for its users. The iPhone uses its accelerometer and touch-screen technology to give users a Sensory Mashup experience that has non-users say, “Oh is that an iPhone?” Apple is waiting for PC’s to catch-up, but at that point, the next generation of Sensory Mashup technology will be wowing the consumers.

3. Crisis=Opportunity

Chapter 11 is a tell-tale sign of crisis, but Chapter 11 is also synonymous for opportunity. For General Growth, Chapter 11 a year ago was an acquisition opportunity. As of last week, the tables turned and now General Growth is finding itself in the deep end of debt financing–unable to keep its head above water. For real estate owners, the opportunity could not be louder and more ever-present… strike while the iron is hot. General Growth will be selling its assets at very discounted rates, leaving prime opportunity for competitors to grab valuable property at bargain basement prices.

4. Private Eye

You might not have heard of Treehouse Foods Inc or Ralcorp Holdings Inc, but you might have purchased their products. Both are private labels. Treehouse and Ralcorp produce the generic, off/in-house brands are being favored by consumers, as penny-pinching forces them to look past the flashy label and understand brand name cream corn tastes enough like off brand cream corn–even if the difference is $0.15.

5. Pay Forward

Generosity and conscience-minded business is what the Pay Forward trend is all about. AT&T aligned its business with the good-cause, good-feet company, TOMS to promote global coverage and the far-reaching villages TOMS contributes to. For every shoe sold, a shoe is given to a person without. The cause-related marketing with AT&T extends the reach of TOMS message while aligning the mobile carriers brand with an impactful, Pay Foward company.

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