Real-Time Play: The Real Interaction in a Virtual World

in Digital Marketing | by Ethan Lyon

how real time gaming is involving social media to increase business growth

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

“Move your leg further up. Try to get them as high as you can.”
“Is this fine?”
“Stretch a little bit further”
“Got it?”
“Ok, let’s take a water break.”

Sounds like a conversation you’d have at Bally’s or Gold’s Gym. Could be, but in our case, it’s not. We’re talking about a virtual gym in which trainer and trainee can work out without the drive, locker room or after work rush. This is a part of the real-time play movement that started years ago, popularized by World of Warcraft and Xbox Live, and now, have completely new applications.

Real-time gaming is the ultimate connective gaming experience. Team play makes the gaming experience, fresh, fun and interesting every time you log on. Xbox Live is the forerunner of this style of game play (minus PC play). With approximately $1 billion in revenue strictly from Xbox Live, Microsoft has captured a large portion of the market on this type of game play. Games like World of Warcraft (WOW) or Second Life take the real-time play to the next level—as all game play is done in real time. WOW and other real-time games have enhanced the user experience by updating features and ensuring every time you step into that virtual world you’re going to find something new and exciting.

As cameras and accelerometers (the tech that makes Wii a Wii) become ever-present in our gaming experience, expect to find increased connectivity as well. It’s not that hard to imagine playing tennis or doing yoga with someone five hundred miles away. Real-time play combined with Wii-like technology could create an entirely new marketplace where physical trainers could sell yoga lessons or players could compete in global boxing tournaments with thousands of ring-fighters for the world belt.