Cloud 9: A Digital Gaming Heaven

in Digital Marketing | by Ethan Lyon

onlive and cloud computing in video games is an area of business growth

By Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer

Why does Google sit on Cloud 9? Cloud computing might have something to do with it. The cloud is the next generation of how we compute. The use of hard disk space is being pushed out by an increase in bandwidth and general web utility. Google Docs, Calendar, Notebook, Gmail and many more applications are examples of how Google is leading the shift from disc space to the cloud.

OnLive is taking the cloud to gaming in a major way. OnLive seeks to produce a gaming system that accesses a remote server to play a game. CDs and cartridges are no longer relevant, as all gaming can take place on OnLive’s server. The MicroConsole is significantly smaller than other gaming consoles—as it doesn’t require a disc or cartridge port. The gaming experience is fast, with little to no lag-time and the graphical quality is similar to other high-end gaming consoles.

Looking forward, we have to ask the question, what is the point of a disc? Just as in-store music distributors are finding out, the physical product is becoming less relevant as we seek accessibility and immediacy in our entertainment purchases. Taking online gaming even further, what if your phone was the MicroConsole? The gaming platform could leverage the connectivity of cellular phones to create a highly interactive gaming experience. Wherever you go, whether you’re at your TV or driving in your car, you can have the same experience as if you were home playing an Xbox 360.

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  • Absolutely agree with the statement of “what is the point of the disc?”. However I did not think to have your cell phone act as a microconsole, which would be absolutely brilliant!

  • Does anyone believe that google might actually purchase Onlive? The seem to be the one company that could really make Onlive work.