Building a Brand

December 30, 2009sparxoo_admin

Building a brand is more than just a brand name with a pretty logo.  Every day, we see hundreds if not thousands of brands, but only remember a few. Not many people can name three different dryer sheet brands, or even three tortilla chip brands. So why do Nike, Apple and even Walmart stand above the rest? They stand for something powerful: the power of building a memorable brand. Read about these ‘brand champions’ and their best practices in brand building. resourcepage_branding_best_tn.jpg

Guide to Developing a Brand

resourcepage_branding_dev_tn.jpg Al Ries, one of the fathers of positioning said, “We have become the world’s first overcommunicated society. Each year we send more and receive less.” This same principle is true among brands. Research, analysis and strategic thinking will equip you with the tools you will need to develop a successful, meaningful brand.

Building Strong Customer Relationships Builds Strong Brands

resourcepage_branding_customer_tn.jpg Zappos understands the importance of developing meaningful customer relationships. The brand’s dedication to excellent customer service has translated into sustainable business. Seventy five percent of Zappos customers are return customers and each will order >2.5 products in the next 12 months. Building strong customer relationships, as we can see by Zappos example, translates into a long-term, sustainable business.

Building a Brand Online

resourcepage_branding_online_tn.jpg Dell estimates its earnings from Twitter alone exceed $6.5 million. The computer company has effectively branded itself on the microblogging site and reached out to fans to generate significant revenues. Figuring out the right social network to join and how to build an online community around your brand ultimately leads to additional business.

Brand Identity = Logo + Brand Name + Brand Image

mustreadsoccap_tn.jpg Companies are like people. They have personalities. Think Nike, Whole Foods, Apple. They are the power brands that create a lifestyle around their products. Their impact is not contained within their audience-base; they impact culture and are iconic. They are examples of powerful brand structures and heed the importance of a positive, purposeful image—these brands stand for something consumers can relate to and feel good about.

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