Live Life on Purpose: Interview with Entrepreneur Carl Taylor

in Strategy & Trends | by David Capece

Need some motivation?  How about a 24 year old who has 10 years of entreprenerial experience, is a published author, has led product sales and web design, and has already successfully bought and sold a company?  We introduce you to Carl Taylor, an emerging Gen Y entrepreneur.  Fittingly, Carl’s book is titled “Red Means Go.” Carl, based near the northern beaches of Australia, has transformed from a shy introverted kid into an inspirational young leader.  Carl took time out to share his inspiration with our Sparxoo fans.  Our interview of Carl …

Q: What does your personal brand stand for?

My personal brand stands for Living Life on Purpose, Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) and Practicality.  I’ve been called a Get Things Done Expert, I’m also known as Your Friend With Benefits… because I not only inspire and educate you but I build a relationship with you.  Ultimately I believe the best way to inspire is to lead by example.

Q:  What are the conscious choices you have made to build your personal brand?

This is an interesting question… I suppose I have consciously decided to focus my brand on the personal achievement combined with business expertise. Business is what I love and so is seeing people achieve their dreams whatever they may be… so while I have other things I have skills in, I made a conscious decision that these were the things I bring the most value to people in.

I very much made a conscious decision to always focus on practical action steps. The Kaizen Series books are all very here’s how you do it. I’ve personally spent a lot of money on books and seminars and I find far too many are this is what I did and not enough of here’s how you do it.

So I use Social Media, have a quirky business card and whenever I’m talking face to face with people etc.. I’m always portray these messages of “You can Do it” and “How can you make a business out of it”, “Here’s something you can try”.

Q:  What is your one skill or talent that has been most instrumental in your success? Why?

My ability to Get Things Done, some people talk about doing things and others just do it. I’m definitely a Ready Fire Aim personality rather than a Ready Aim Fire.  If I had thought and planned out Red Means Go! it still wouldn’t be in existence but I made a decision and then just started writing it and didn’t stop until it was finished.  For ever second you delay on something you run the risk of someone else doing it before you, or that your time on this earth will run out and you’ll never do it.

Q:  Where do you personally draw your inspiration from?

People who have been there and done what I want to do. It not only gives me someone and a strategy to model but it motivates me to get on with it. I think “If they can do it, so can I.”  Another personal inspiration for me is Superman… it’s a bit strange I know but Superman to me is all about playing to your strengths and avoiding your weaknesses. Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite so he has to avoid it and when he avoids it, he is strong, fast and on top of his game.

Playing the game of business is the same, if you’re not good at something stay away from it and work on what you are good at. Get someone else to do what you aren’t good at.

Q:  How do you take your stories and experiences to inspire other entrepreneurs?

Being only 24, allows me to connect with many young entrepreneurs on a more natural level, we can talk as equals and they can relate best to me as an example of what they can do at a young age.  For business owners and other people when I’m talking with them its my practical tips of this is what I’ve tried and the results we got, or this is what you need to do… it always leaves people not only inspired but educated.

Q:  What is your advice for young, emerging entrepreneurs who are struggling to find their way?

Try, Try, Try and then Try some more… if they are struggling to find their groove in business the only way to find it is to keep learning and keep trying new things until something fits.  So get educated, through books, seminars, workshops and dvd’s, etc.. Buy Red Means Go! **Shameless plug**

One tip that may rock the boat a little here is I would say is don’t start a business that does what you are good at! Let me explain… One of my current businesses is an IT business. I’m personally very good at computers and IT myself but the challenge I face is that I’m always drawn into the day to day operations because I’m good at it. Whereas when I owned a Gift Hamper business, putting gift hampers together was not something I was particularly good at, meaning I could just focus on growing the business and the team could take care of the gift hamper making without my input.  So I often advise that if you are a plumber thinking about starting a business, don’t start a plumbing business because all you’ll most likely end up with is a job not a business. And the same goes for whatever industry you are in.

For more on Carl, here’s a link to an Under30CEO article on Carl Taylor, Carl’s web site, as well as Carl’s Facebook page so you can become a fan.