Top 20 Digital Marketing Blogs

in Digital Marketing | by Ethan Lyon

Last year, our team identified cutting edge digital marketing blogs and this year we are expanding our list to not only include digital marketing blogs, but also business to business, sales strategy, marketing advice, experimental marketing and advertising blogs:

Quick Jump: Marketing Advice / Advertising Blogs / Experimental Marketing / Business to Business / Sales Strategy

  • Seth Godin — Of course we had to add one of the most famous marketing gurus of all time
  • Hard Knox Life  — Dave Knox brings fresh perspective to digital marketing trends and overall marketing strategy
  • Guy Kawasaki  — Guy Kawasaki shares his incredible insights from years of experience at Apple and other leading companies
    Chris Brogan — Chris Brogan, a social marketing guru, posts the latest insights for marketers

  • AdRants  — Steve Hall takes no prisoners in his reviews of the latest ad campaigns
  • Ads of the World  — Want inspiration? Check out creative minds from around the world
  • AdFreak  — From the folks at AdWeek, AdFreak is the go-to for the latest ad campaigns (with some insights)
  • Adverblog  — Advisory warning: Don’t visit unless you have at least half an hour to kill

  • Web Urbanist  — Finds the most cutting edge creative campaigns and artistic work (borderline not marketing, but great place to get inspired!)
  • Creative Guerrilla Marketing  — Want to get guerrilla inspiration? Creative Guerrilla Marketing is king of the guerrillas with incredible examples
  • Guerrilla Marketing Arsenal  — Guerrilla Marketing Arsenal provides in-depth analysis to accompany their many creative marketing examples
  • Advent  — Advent gathers cutting edge marketers to share insights and creative thinking

  • Modern B2B Marketing  — Modern B2B Marketing delivers actionable advice in digestible snippets. Good for marketers on the go
  • B2B Lead Generation Blog  — B2B Lead Generation Blog aggregates B2B marketing links from around the web into one place, while incorporating some insights
  • B2B Online Marketing  — B2B Online Marketing provides in-depth analysis on the latest B2B strategies
  • B2Blog  — Dave Jung takes a first-person approach to examining B2B marketing

  • Sales and Management Blog  — Paul McCord inspires and provides actionable sales strategy advice
  • Heavy Hitter Sales Blog  — Steve W. Martin takes a sometimes humorous look at sales and sales people, offering perspective on sales training techniques, effective sales strategies, etc
  • New Sales Economy  — Chad Levitt examines every nook and cranny of sales and marketing industries
  • Eyes on Sales  — Eyes on Sales gathers beginner sales tools, from articles, videos and podcasts

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