Top 5 Facebook Stats to Inform Social Media Marketing

in Digital Marketing | by Ethan Lyon

Clients are clamoring to their digital consultants: “I want to be on Facebook.” It’s your job to figure out why and how they will be on Facebook. To help you develop a compelling digital social media strategy for your clients, here are some compelling statistics that can offer some insight into how to launch a successful campaign:

How to Attract Facebook Fans — So you’ve added some pictures of your logo and company, posted a couple of updates to let the Facebook world know you’re there. Now what? According to a DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research report, 2/3 of Facebook users “liked” a brand if they were asked to do so by an invitation or advertising from the brand they followed. The lesson here: reach out to your existing “fans” via e-mail, print, advertisement, etc to build your initial fan base. Novel idea.

Facebook as a Multimedia Platform – To mix-up your existing updates, try incorporating multimedia. Facebook ranked number 3 in the unique videos streamed for the month of June 2010 in the US, reports Nielsen. Even if it’s a brief history of the banana if you’re a fruit distributor or a free marketing lesson for a marketing consultant.

Facebook is THE Place to Share for Gen Yers — Overall, 86 percent of users use email to share content, while just 49 percent said they used Facebook. That stat is significantly off-balanced due to older generations that do not frequently share content via Facebook. Those ages 18 to 24, reverses the trend, with 76 percent sharing via Facebook, compared with 70 percent via email.

Why Facebook Users Share — Once your fans think you’re interesting, they’ll likely share with their friends and who knows, you could go viral and see a huge boost in fans. Roughly half of article links, videos, photos and other content shared are posted to Facebook, with another 29% broadcast through tweets via Gigya’s widget were done so because fans thought the content was entertaining.

How to Retain Facebook Fans — You’ve got fans and you are engaging them? Just be careful not to lose them.  Posting too often or posting uninteresting information is a big turn off for nearly half of brand fans, reports DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research. Brands need to be more conscious of how each update will influence brand fans over time. Blabber on about how your brand is doing will only get you so far. Variety of content can keep existing fans engaged and might even entice new fans into the brand fold.