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This SEO Marketing article submitted by Kevin Pike, SEO Manager of Sweet Spot Marketing.

The results of a 2009 survey of top SEO professionals highlighted how important links are for good search engine rankings. Out of the top 5 ranking factors reveled in this survey, 4 are related to building links to your websites pages.


Why are Links so important?

The idea behind PageRank is that if a page is important, other web pages will link to it. The more important the linking page is itself, the more weight (“link juice”) that link would have. This system works amazingly well, instantly bringing up relevant pages for almost any search, without giving benefit to “keyword stuffing” and other attempts to trick the search engine into ranking a page higher. It works so well that Google is no longer the only search engine that is shifting to a link-based algorithm.

Quality vs. Quantity

Link building is not about building to a higher number than your competition. The quality of the links attained for your website is extremely important today.  Increase traffic to your site via blogs, press releases, article publishing, and directory submissions. Not only do these links provide additional avenues for people to navigate to your site, but these links give the site a growing authority for search engine rankings.

Link Building Techniques

Article Submission – Publishing Content on external sites.

One of the best ways to get links on the web pointing back to your site is by developing external resources yourself. Writing original articles and getting them published on sites such as Ezine is a good way to promote your site with quality backlinks.

Blog/Forum Comments – Comment to get a link.

Today many blogs topics and forums are on the web. Several of them allow for additional comments to be added to the authors post. When leaving a comment or participating in the online discussion, we can generate a link back to your site. Some sites allow comments to have links, or setting up a profile then adding a comment will link back to your site.

Contextual One-way Links – Keyword links from high PR sites.

Getting links from these sources is not easy, but very valuable. Negotiate PR2 – PR5 home page links that point back to your site with the proper anchor text for your keyword goals for the life of our link-building campaign.

Social Bookmarking & Social Media Mentions – Social site links

There are several social bookmarking sites on the web today that varying in popularity. Google has their own which is becoming more popular. Today, the most people use as their preferred bookmarking site.  The main social link exchange site today is Twitter. This site is not the personal update site many perceive. Search functionality, hash tags, RSS feeds, followers and several 3rd party applications has made twitter a great way to contribute online in under 140 characters.  Develop profiles and get site links socially bookmarked and indexed so search engines will see these as backlinks.

Ad hoc Link Building

Our team at Sweet Spot Marketing deems ad hoc links as important, but only as needed. The link building methods mentioned below can be priced in addition to the normal link building, or we can fold it into the current monthly budget by removing a percentage from the normal link building strategy.

Directory Submission – Submitting your sites URL to a directory site.

We recommend just two directories today. The DMOZ and Yahoo are still worthy links and getting into each requires special considerations. Google regards these as good directory links, so we do the same.

Press Releases – Directing news to subscribed media members.

An online news release, written and directed at members of the media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.  Submitting a press release thru a site like PRweb, will get it indexed by search engines and hosted permanently for ranking consideration. It will also be sent to top news sites, and distributed via RSS to over 250,000 subscribers which include bloggers, journalist and consumers.  Due to the very nature of this medium, we suggest PR distribution only when the company has something news worthy to say. When we submit a press release, we build backlinks and traffic to the site with today’s best practices in mind.

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