Sparxoo Workshop: Applying Brand Innovation Internally

in Branding Strategy & Trends | by David Capece

For the past 3+ years, Sparxoo has had the privelege of leading strategy assignments for major companies such as NBC, Fox Sports, Comcast, Lifetime, JP Morgan Chase, and others.  We frequently lead innovation workshops and experts work-sessions to stretch thinking and spur growth.  Today, for the first time, we had our own brand innovation workshop.

In addition to being fun team-building exercise to share ideas over a few micro-brews, we also came away with several strategic areas of focus.  First, we have decided to change our organizing principle from “Think. Create. Impact.” to “Think. Create. Connect.”  At our core, each of our team members are connectors, and we seek to further emphasize our work in connecting brands with customers.  We believe that we can distinguish ourselves from our peers by marrying strategy with creative while having a laser focus on the consumer.  For us, “think” means brand innovation and strategy that integrates thinking from workshops, experts, market research, trends, and consumer insights.  “Create” is the application of brand strategy for design, web & mobile development, pr, events, and advertising campaigns overall.  And “connect” is our immersion into customer thinking through focus groups, as well as the direct connections that we make with our clients, and our clients to their customers through marketing, and in particular through social marketing.  Many firms are great at strategy, and many more at creative.  We seek to be unique in our ability to integrate strategy and creative, all while focusing on making meaningful connections.

Among our team discussions, was our personal passions and areas of highest interest.  We came away from today’s workshop with a stronger focus on sports, media & entertainment, consumer packaged goods, and health & wellness.  As a former leader of, I am personally excited to increase our efforts in sports, media & entertainment.  My partner Katherine Parsons is our resident foodie & wellness expert.  In the coming months, we plan to expand our initiatives in these areas.

Lastly, and most importantly for our blog readers, we plan to overhaul  Many of you may have noticed that we have launched our marketing agency web site at  We plan to redesign Sparxoo to better reflect our core initiatives and display our creative capabilities.  Today, much of Sparxoo’s blog content is focused on helpful tips and social media commentary.  Tomorrow, we will share deeper thinking through white papers, templates, and diagnostic toolkits for emerging marketing leaders to spark big thinking.  We will also be amping up our trend work to share more creative and innovative ideas.  Lastly, we will be making more connections with our network, and sharing those connections through our blog.  Our Creative Lead, Matthew van Rooyen, will be leading the charge on redeveloping  As we make these changes, we invite you to join us in Thinking, Creating, and Connecting.