Top 5 Innovative Package Designs

in Branding | by Ethan Lyon

“Today, to break through the clutter of the hundreds of other competing products out there it pays to be different,” writes Peter Drucker. One way of breaking through the clutter is to follow through on the concept or mission of the company selling the product to create an immersive, engaging brand experience.

Whether it’s an energy drink that makes you feel stronger or a juice container that takes shape of the fruit inside it, innovative design is about embodying the brand in a creative, yet user-friendly way.

Let them Drink Juice!

The Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa created a realistic package around the juice it contains. The juice containers so much resemble the fruit inside them that it might even trick the brain and enhance the flavor of the juice.

Energy Drink to Get Energized About

The Dumbbell Sports Drink takes the shape of a symbol of strength: the dumbbell. Although designer Jin Le might not have intended it to be used as an actual weight, the energy drink embodies the symbol of muscle.

Deck the Halls with Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola brand represents, fun, whimsy and a child-like innocence. It’s no surprise then the soda maker shaped its packaging in the form of a fun, traditional part of Christmas: ornaments.

Idea That Grips


Part of Reebok’s selling proposition is its sneaker grip. Without it, basketball and any number of other sports would be more interesting, but a bit more dangerous. To demonstrate it’s superior grip, Reebok stuck its shoes to the top of the shoe box.

Can a Can Be Resealed?


Once you open a can of soda, you’re in it to the end. You don’t have the option to put a cap back on it. You’re essentially stuck drinking the entire 12 oz. Davis Advertising created a solution for the can-to-go by creating a seal. See the below demonstration.