Social Media: Magnetize Your Customers

in Digital Marketing | by Adrienne Morgan

Question: What is so powerful that it’s toppled regimes thousands of years old, forced teenagers to suicide, funded Planned Parenthood, and yes, even got Betty White a hosting gig on SNL?
Answer: Social media.

Today’s technology pace is moving at exorbitant speeds. In this rapidly evolving, interweaving web of channels, where do we see social fitting in? The answer is everywhere.

Nowadays, social is more than posting a link or hitting the “like” button. Magnetic content is transforming the way we view social marketing. It’s a trend moving away from static advertising, to magnetic advertising—what is going to draw people in.

What is magnetic content? It’s been called the “hottest trend in social media” and “this season’s ‘socially’-acceptable little black dress.” In short, it is content that drives people to your page. Magnetic content marks an evolution from the interruptive advertising model to a more engaging approach that integrates many forms of media (video, mobile, location based). Ads are so yesterday, content is the future.

This seemingly muddled mess of social everything creates the perfect storm of opportunity for online and mobile marketers.

Here are a few tips to see if your content is “magnetic”:
1. Is the content unique and useful?
2. Is the content fun and engaging?
3. Is the content well-executed and taking full advantage of the channel?

Here are the five best practices for magnetizing customers through social media:
1. Don’t think social media. It is social marketing in the broadest sense.
2. Leverage the secret ingredient: Trust. Show both good reviews and bad reviews.
3. It’s like dating. Listening comes first.
4. Add value, do not talk just to hear yourself type.
5. Be authentic, transparent and humble. This makes you credible.

If you don’t believe us, take it from the guy that revolutionized the Internet as we know it. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg estimates that the amount of content shared on networks will double in 2012, and again in 2013.

So where do you stand? Is your content currently magnetic, or is it pushing people away rather than drawing them in?