Collateral Brochure Best Practices

June 23, 2012sparxoo_admin

Marketing collateral is an aesthetically appealing way to support your company’s core values through the use of printed materials. Its sole purpose is to present information about your business, products or services that expands upon the foundation of your brand through brand messaging and product offering. Product offering can be utilized informatively or persuasively in your collateral pieces. If used for informational reasons, you will most likely want to create awareness about your product or brand. For example, you might bring your marketing collateral to a trade show in order to build brand awareness. However, if you decide to use your collateral for persuasive purposes, your company may attempt to sell the brand through visuals. For example, you could present your creative package to provide more detail about your service or product in hopes of closing a business deal. Regardless of how you decide to present your product offering, the end result should build a stronger brand message. There are many different deliverables that can be used to communicate your message, but I will be focusing on brochures. I will discuss three best-in-class examples and illustrate their effectiveness.

1.) Zimat:

  • Cover- The cover is designed in a unique way that differentiates this deliverable because it looks like a diploma cover. It makes you want to open it up and view its contents.
  • First and Last Page– Both pages are similar in structure. They present one short message on each page that is not convoluted by pictures or extra text. This layout demonstrates consistency and simplicity in a successful manner.
  • Color- Zima integrates transparencies exceptionally well in the background throughout the brochure. The transparent colors and photos allow the text to stand out in a fascinating way that makes you want to read the information.
  • Copy- The use of dark blue and translucent light blue backgrounds attracts your eyes to the white and black copy. Although the brochure communicates a lot of textual content, it is formatted in a way that is not overwhelming. All copy is placed beneath large, easy to read titles, which organizes the information in a simple and clean format.
  • Theme- After flipping through the brochure, you come away with a welcoming and friendly feeling. This is the type of feeling that sells no matter what you are attempting to communicate.

2.) Trump Hollywood:

  • Cover- All brochures are enclosed neatly into a folder that resembles a silver MacBook Air laptop when closed. This is a great design that contains the information in a visually stimulating and practical way.
  • Tri-Fold Outside- The outside of the tri-fold brochure displays stunning high-rise views overlooking incredibly blue oceans, beautiful beach walkways and sensationally bright city lights. Minimal copy is used due to the powerful impact the pictures exhibit alone. This creates a cleaner and more alluring arrangement.
  • Tri-Fold Inside- The inside of the tri-fold brochure displays an easy to read floor layout, text boxes and additional luxurious photos. Each element compliments the rest and the ease at which you can navigate and comprehend the floor layout of the properties is phenomenal.
  • Copy- The copy is organized in a bulleted and unified way. Although a substantial amount of information is presented, it does not strain your eyes too much because of the methodically attractive layout.
  • Theme– Each brochure exemplifies class and modernity. The entire package is impressive and adequately appeals to the high-end market that is targeted. The success of its allure is a direct result from the use of simple lines and a clean design.

3.) Sequence:

  • Cover– Sequence immediately draws you in with the image of overlapping circles that connect with the multicolored circle logo placed in the bottom right-hand corner. The content that appears to the left of the overlying circles highlights the important part of the text. It is bolded and says “bold corporate,” which reverts your eyes from the circles towards the main brand message. Overall, the look is clean and creative.
  • Locations Page- This page features a great low-angle, point-of-view, fuchsia colored shot of one of their properties with enormous quotations that direct your eyes to the text. This highlights the company’s high quality practice as a “the country’s #1 residential lettings business.” The right-side of the page displays award winning agents and residential locations.
  • Case Studies Page– This page displays an excellent visual on the right-side of a purple colored man lying back comfortably accompanied by very large quotations that lure your eyes to that side of the page. The purpose is to make you want to read the testimonials and the contact information is placed below where your eyes fall after reading the testimonials so that you will instinctively want to pick up the phone and call.
  • Color- There is a radiant fuchsia vibe throughout the brochure that displays gradient backgrounds ranging from deep purples to light pinks. Also, white text is used on the pinkish-purple gradient backgrounds to make it pop and vice-a-versa.
  • Copy- Sequence plays with sizing and bolding to create importance. It allows you to skim through the brochure and take away the most essential messages that the company is attempting to communicate via the print collateral.
  • Theme- The overall theme is funky and creative. The design demands attention and achieves its purpose.