What’s the Story Behind Your Brand?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The average story can be told in 4,000 words. Lesson: Choose your ammo wisely for your brand strategy arsenal.

Studies have shown that the average consumer is loyal to less than 5 brands (4.2 to be exact). With thousands of brands swimming in the sea of marketplace, how do you make your brand rise to the top?

Regardless of industry, branding is storytelling. And storytelling is more than just telling a simple tale. It’s a powerful and complex brand building method used to create loyalty and preference within your target audience.

Be Relevant
Where do you start? First, to create an emotional connection with your audience you must know your audience. Your brand’s story (like your brand) cannot resonate with all people, so choose who you are targeting and choose wisely. Choose the correct platform that speaks to your target audience. Not all mediums engage audiences the same way. Know your audiences’ needs and preferences.

Be Real
Today, consumers can sense falsehood before your 20-something year old copywriter has a chance to cliché that tagline. Be genuine. Be authentic. Be true to the brand you have built.

This also may require you to be a little vulnerable. Consumers engage with brands they can relate to. Vulnerability is relatable.

Be Hopeful
A story should activate action. Your purpose is to give hope through your storytelling. Inspire your audience and you will hook them. Inspire and engage your audience, and well, you’re the next Starbucks.

Best in Brand Storytelling Example:
To many, this brand is irrelevant. To most, the story resonates on a deep level.

So now, I ask you, what’s your brand’s story?