Wednesday's Winner (Best in Branding)

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At Zappos, it’s all about customer service and culture. The digital world is blending the once definitive line that divided brand and culture, and Zappos is capitalizing on the break. The company offers free shipping, operates a 24/7 call center and is so confident in their services that they let customers exclusively manage their marketing through word of mouth. Yes it’s true, paid marketing is an afterthought.

Culture is the only thing that matters, according to CEO Tony Hsieh. He says that happy individuals make happy professionals and happy employees make happy customers. In order to achieve maximum internal bliss the company frequently embraces office dance parties, offers free health care to all employees and even staffs a full-time life coach. The result: More than 25,000 job applications for 250 openings.

However, if you are one of the lucky few to be chosen, do not cross Hsieh when it comes it to the company’s 10 core values. He says that he will fire anyone who does not adhere to the culture guidelines, independent of performance, which Zappos takes very seriously.

And the 10 Zappos Commandments are:

1. Deliver WOW through service

2. Embrace and drive change

3. Create fun and a little weirdness

4. Be adventurous, creative and open-minded

5. Pursue growth and learning

6. Build open and honest relationships with communication

7. Build a positive team and family spirit

8. Do more with less-expensive means.

9. Be passionate and determined

10. Be humble