Wednesday's Winner (Best in Branding)

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Warby Parker

This Wednesday’s winner goes to Warby Parker. The stylish eye wear brand makes shopping for glasses socially rewarding by utilizing social media to engage their consumers. Their crowdsourcing approach stems from timely solutions developed for customers who struggle with decision making when it comes to fashion. They offer two options: a facial recognition technology on their website that allows shoppers to try on glasses virtually and customers can also sign up for the home try-on program. This program provides excellent feedback because it makes good use of Warby Parker’s social strategy. The company’s Facebook community allows users to comment and offer advice about which pair looks best and the brand itself gives further guidance by adding additional encouragement. Co-CEO Niel Blumenthal sums up Warby’s brand message, “We’re all about putting the decision making and the fun in the hands of the consumer.”

However, that’s not even the best social aspect of the company. Every time a consumer buys a pair of glasses, the eye fashionistas give away a pair for free! It is part of the “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program that helps someone in need through non-profit organizations like VisionSpring. This community-minded attitude resonates with consumers. Executive Director of the Center for Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Deborah Mitchell says, “Consumers like knowing that in some way their purchase is making the world a better place.”