Wednesday's Winner (Best in Branding)

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Sixty-six years after being founded, Estee Lauder continues to excel as one of the premier beauty brands and its recent success is a direct result from digital intelligence. According to L2, authors of the 2011 Digital IQ Index for Beauty, the emerging technological powerhouse scored an average digital IQ of 122 across its eight brands: MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, La Mer, Aveda and Origins. What does this mean? Well, Estee Lauder scored 18 points higher than any other multi-brand organization and increased its score by nine percent from last year.

Although MAC and Clinique achieved genius status after scoring 142 and 141, Estee Lauder’s most valuable emerging asset is Smashbox. The acquisition of Smashbox in 2010 has boosted Estee Lauder’s appeal to the digitally savvy, younger crowd through its digital and social media presence. The Hollywood heartthrob has always been on top of the trends and was among the first to post instructional “how to achieve different makeup looks” videos on their home site before it became popular. Estee Lauder Group President John Demsey says, “Smashbox fits perfectly within our DNA.”