Wednesday's Winner (Best in Branding)

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As other heavyweights watch profits dwindle for the seventh straight year, Fanta continues to grow as one of the top soft drink brands during the soda drought. Consumers continue to seek healthy alternatives and Fanta’s consumer perception differentiates it as a “fun” alternative to other bland brands. The reason for the company’s success lies in their target market. Fanta has found a way to cater to its biggest customers in a huge way.

Teenagers are the driving force behind the evolution because they are less health conscious and are continuously looking for ways to have more fun. Fanta recognized the best way to reach teens and put together an exceptional campaign that integrated mobile and social media marketing. The company recently announced a partnership with Jenga on a new mobile gaming application that sends a “less serious” message to players. Furthermore, the chill folks at Fanta maintain an active Facebook and Twitter presence and use comical advertising that features cartoon characters.