Wednesday's Winner (Best in Branding)

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Tequila Avion

Imagine tequila so smooth that a tequila face will no longer follow a shot. Now close your eyes and imagine your girlfriend, wife or fantasy blindfolding you, whip in hand holding that same tequila under your nose as the sexy aroma fills your nostrils. You are probably waiting for the part where I tell you to stop dreaming. However, Tequila Avion has made this a reality.

This brand is a great example of how to effectively disrupt the market. Recently, Tequila Avion took home five awards including the prestigious title of “World’s Best Tequila” from the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Furthermore, their product was featured as the first and only tequila brand on Entourage. And their new racy ad campaign is heating things up in the alcohol industry.