Wednesday’s Winner (Best in Branding)

August 8, 2012sparxoo_admin


Lululemon is Canada’s fastest-growing brand that goes well beyond pricey yoga plants that slim your backside. It is about a brand promise that has transformed into a lifestyle. Interbrand Managing Director of Canada explains, “They’re more than apparel.”

According to Interbrand, the company currently ranks in the top as one of the “Best Canadian Brands 2012” and is enjoying unmatched yoga retail success globally. Lululemon’s brand value has nearly tripled because of its clever marketing techniques. Lululemon has found its niche, active women, and a way to appeal to their insecurities. The brand is attractive to women who want to maintain a stylish, sexy look that transcends from work to working out. And it is paying off because many women are willing to spend whatever it takes.