Quitting the Quo: A Blog Series on Disruptive Branding

September 13, 2012sparxoo_admin

Post #2: More Details on Disruptively Ditching Dogma

The last post should have gotten you thinking about disruptive brands that come to mind… but this post, enumerating five more characteristics that disruptive brands exhibit, should really help you understand why some brand names are real buzz words amongst consumers. Recall what the last blog post defined as components of a disruptive brand- emotion and quality- and as you read this post, think… IKEA… TOMs… RedBull…

In conjunction with emotion and quality, disruptive brands are made up of some combination of the following:

  • Genuine values. A disruptive brand must have a clear vision, mission, and brand culture that purely shines through. The brand must be connected with its customer base. This requires genuine customer attention, and being dedicated to providing what the brand promises. Making your brand obviously and irresistibly desirable from the inside out will be irreplaceable in distinguishing it from the rest of the industry. The aforementioned TOMs is an example: the brand lives, breathes, and eats the “one-for-one” promise, and maintains the sentiment of their earthy-humanitarian values.
  • Strategy. Vision. A plan of action. The market will copy a good idea, and try to implement branding techniques similar to those of the disruptive brand. In order for a disruptive brand to be successful, it has to have clear Plan of Action- a vision and long-term strategy of how to continue standing out from the crowd by means of constant innovation.
  • Consistency. While working to maintain that clear competitive advantage, it is important that the disruptive brand has a theme that it grows upon. While constantly reinventing and innovating is crucial, the brand must exercise consistent brand values and maintain a connection with the customers.
  • Uniqueness. A disruptive brand offers something that is more than just the product. When you engage in consuming a disruptive brand (purchasing the good or enjoying the service), you also get desirable feelings, benefits, or some kind of irreplaceable package components. This provision of something in addition to simply a brand item is what will set disruptive brands apart from other brands in the industry. This point will become very clear in our next blog post, when I evaluate an array of disruptive brands.
  • Story-telling. This is the icing on the cake- part of putting all of the brand’s stellar characteristics into action. Disruptive brands market and promote their brand in a new, groundbreaking, outspoken way that perfectly coincides with the brand’s values or mission. The marketing is constant, very well developed, and always progressing- letting consumers be immersed in the story of the brand. The first example that came to mind when I thought of branding in an unheard of way was AFLAC… I’d call that duck trying to sell insurance disruptive.

These key aspects were extracted from analyzing a broad range of disruptive brands- from vacuum cleaners to frozen yogurt. In the next post, I will promulgate a few “case-studies” of disruptive brands. Make sure to check it out, as I will delve into the final comprehension of how fusing these characteristics in varying capacities is what makes disruptive brands excel.