How Digital B2B Marketing GOT2B

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B2B Digital marketing: The Missing Link!

B2B digital marketing can be monumental in business-2-business exchanges. My first thought was that B2B is so… big: business exchanges are well-established, large-scale, logistic-laden rational decisions, right? And now I’m telling you that B2B’s should use digital strategies to market? YES. If done correctly, this professional portrayal of what one B2B can do for another is irreplaceable. Using digital marketing in the B2B world can eloquently and sharply differentiate your company from other providers. The B2B connection won’t just be about having logistics managers swap products for payment, but will lead to a connection with the customer (in this case- another business). So even if B2B is big… digital marketing is the missing link: it connects businesses in an easy, stimulating way. Now… in selling top-tier legal services to international investors, or technology systems to a chain of supermarkets, or medical equipment to a hospital, where do you start with digital marketing?!

Know the audience

In B2B, your audience is looking for (or needs) something in particular. Show them that you are the best provider of that exact need- the missing puzzle piece that brings the whole package.

Show them who’s boss

Be authoritative. Digital marketing has the potential to leave people feeling blown-away at how perfect your B is for their B. The content has to clearly show that the business has the expertise and confidence to execute complicated tasks, and the digital element is the vehicle to really sell the business. These components generate so may feelings that can prop up a business in a B2B exchange- making them trustworthy, respected, personable, and dependable genius experts- the solid choice. And being digital puts all of that right in the consuming B’s face! Fully accessible, endless, powerful content. Also remember, though, that in building this relationship, there’s a fine line between information overload and a dazzling showcase of expertise (convince the client that you’re the best choice, but don’t brag). Digital marketing showcases that your company is clearly superior by delivering concise, yet loaded, information about what you can provide the other business.

Be customer-centered

Someone watching a video wants to know not just what your business can do- but what your business can do for them. With digital marketing, customer engagement is so accessible- exploit that! This is especially important when making your brand stand out from the crowd- differentiated by a “sha-zam!” digital marketing campaign that people want to listen to; you are exactly what they need.

Turn on your client GPS

Being in the right place at the right time magnifies benefit-manifestation. Putting your B2B on a website that is frequented by the target audience will, of course, increase exposure, traffic, awareness, leads, and conversation about the brand. This isn’t too hard; websites are often pining for good quality, and sometimes even free content to put on their sites. Miscellaneous, non-strategically-located posts will not spread company awareness in a satisfactorily quick way. So, somehow, find the sites that your consumers visit, and get your name on it.

Experts need to hire experts in order to market to the experts

Now, those are three different experts… but they are all equally important in the equation of building a B2B digital marketing campaign. The first expert is the “B” in the B2B exchange- the experts who want to sell their good or service to the third expert. This “how-to” point is mainly concerning the middle-man: the expert that helps connect the “B’s” in the B2B. A digital marketing approach is only fundamentally successful if done right- incorporating all of the aforementioned in a desirable way. While the selling business is an expert in their area, and the client is an expert in theirs- the digital marketing, video, and content marketing expert will facilitate the businesses to know each other via a killer marketing video… This must be well done: it’s complicated to maintain an appealing relay of complex information between two whole businesses. The better the video, the better the return on investment is for the selling business; a stellar digital marketing plan will bridge the gap between B’s.

It sounds like a great concept… but just wait. The next post will delve into some prime examples- some impressive videos- that will make you realize how dynamic a strong B2B digital platform can be.