Why Visual Content?

Visual content entices engagement.

Why do you love Pinterest? Because when you look at someone’s pins, their personality is so apparent. And what do you “like” on Facebook? That long story or article that someone shared, or the quick photo that they snap, shared with a catchy tagline? You’re not the only one. In fact, photos are liked 200% more than text updates (jeffbullas.com). Not only is visual content the quickest engagement-grabber, images are also the most dynamic and revealing way to say so much about the personality of your company’s style and personality.

It never fails: in all my social media management experiences, I’m consistently reminded that people love visual. No matter how stellar of an article I post, people will always engage surrounding the images more. That’s because visual content and images are quick, easy, and revealing. According to Jeffbullas.com, videos are shared 1,200 percent more than links and text posts combined. Of Facebook’s top 10 brand pages, the photos and videos are what drive the most engagement (Simply Measured).

How can you stay visually appealing? Well we have fitness clients for that… But we can help with your brand’s digital presence! It’s invaluable to create visual content. In fact, content is where the most social ROI is observed: blogs, videos, and infographics.Visual content is the loaded engagement weapon: it lets a brand catch attention in the social, personality-disseminating world, which lights an interest and personal attachment to the brand– which fuels the fire that becomes a perpetual feed… and the engagement network grows… and grows.

Which brings me to today’s “engagers:” they’re innovators – they’re on the move, and they are on their mobile and tablet devices. So where does that leave you? They want a quick fix – seamless and visual.

Why do you think we’ve gone from email and MySpace, to Facebook and blogging… and now Twitter – the micro blog. In fact, communication is now down to hardly any words: quick tweets, visual posts on Facebook and Google+, and dissemination of company content and expertise (even health stats and ancient history) through infographics. There’s absolutely no denying that people just want to see what you’re about… Low-and-behold: Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest. Completely visual-based social platforms. I might not have been inclined to like your “I’m watching the sunset with my (insert pet name here)” status as I would your cute antiqued Instagram snap shot of your toes in the sand with the sinking sun in the background. Why? It just shows personality. A picture generates emotion, and emotion is an automatic connection. Just like the toes in the sand picture, your brand can (and must) absolutely do the same.

According to Shareaholic, Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic driver worldwide. Visual vitality is also reinforced as engagement from Instagram users is 10 times greater than other platforms (SumAll.com). And the beauty of it all? There’s still something to be said for all that “show and tell” we practiced as kids: as long as you show first, you can still tell. Nothing pairs better with an image than some overlaid words or witty caption. And visual posts are more-often-than-not coupled with key words or a concise, sharp descriptor. Let the image do the talking, and catch the engagers’ attention: the (few, perfectly selected) words will drive the point home. In a brand’s case, visual can be used a vehicle for making a “Call to Action” resonate, or for branding a company’s image by using an image for associating the intangible.

What have we concluded? People are busy. They don’t always have time to talk. They want to get to the point, and take in as much as possible. Oh nice picture, I see what you did last weekend – click, like, and we stay connected. BFFs! You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Not to mention, a picture actually is worth a thousand words. In branding, the company’s just-right tampa branding expertsvisual content shares so much about a business. Take our “eye” for example… now, Sparxoo isn’t a physical existing person (even though we sometimes aren’t sure), … but it is a living brand – and people love.that.eye. And we’re glad – because our images show who we are. The same is true with the images used by our clients: you say so much, without saying anything at all. Visual content shows what your brand is about… and it spreads like wildfire.

Visual is magnetic: people just want to look. And then they’re hooked – they suddenly know your story. So, while you’re brainstorming about your own company content, get on Pinterest and pin everything that makes your brand who it is. Make your brand’s web design is visually pristine. Post images on  Facebook that embody your company culture. Then, get to designing infographics or YouTube videos that communicate personality and expertise. Between all of the emotion and personality, people won’t know any better but to fall in love with and trust your brand. Just like my wardrobe and hairstyle (and Pinterest boards) say a lot about my personality, so does your visual content.

Now… let me SEE what you got!

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