How Can Your Newsletter Achieve Your Email Marketing Objectives?

February 26, 2013sparxoo_admin

An Overview of the Importance of a Newsletter in Your Online B2B Marketing Campaign

The top 3 marketing objectives for B2B marketers are 1) achieving brand awareness, 2) customer acquisition, and 3) lead generation according to Marketing Profs.  91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, and the 4 most frequent content marketing tactics are:

  1. Social media
  2. Articles on website
  3. Online Newsletters
  4. Blogs

54% of B2B marketers will increase their spend on content marketing over the next 12 months and 58% of B2B marketers rate email newsletter marketing as the most effective content marketing tactic.

Assessing Your Current Newsletter Initiative

To figure out where your email newsletter marketing initiative stands today, you’ll need to do some math.

  • Newsletter List Size:  Your list size is the number of active subscribers to your list, and you should be sure to actively remove bounces and delivery failures so that your list size is not inflated.
  • Newsletter Open Rates:  The open rate is the number of email newsletter opens divided by the number of messages successfully delivered.  Broadly speaking, open rates are in the 20% range and an A-list will be closer to 30%+.
  • Email Newsletter Click-Through Rate:  The click-through rate is generally calculated as the % of opens that click (although some calculate click-through as a % of those delivered).

Devising a Plan to Augment Your Email Newsletter Efforts

While many marketers focus on the open rate as the key measure, our agency urges you to consider list size as the critical first component.  After all, if your list isn’t large enough, improving your open rate will hardly make a difference.  As you are increasing the size of your newsletter list and the general trajectory, then attention focuses to open rates, and finally to click-through rates.

Strategies to Increase Email Newsletter List Size

Set a goal for the list size that you are trying to achieve over the next 90 days and over the next year.  The first opportunity for newsletter signups is your website.  So ask yourself, is your website designed to drive people to sign up for your newsletter? Your opt-ins and your list growth will provide you with intel on the effectiveness of your website in generating the desired newsletter growth.

If you need to amp up your website, make the newsletter signup more prominent by placing a newsletter signup pop-up, or a feature box which has the 5 second pitch of what you do along with a newsletter signup.   This can be programmed so that users only see this once per month or on their first visit.  If you have a blog, add a call-to-action to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of every blog article, and also other relevant pages such as the about page and contact page.  For more advanced options, you can give away white papers in which users can only access by providing their email address.

Strategies to Increase Email Newsletter Open Rate

Open rate one of the most referenced measures used for email effectiveness.   Aside from the quality of your list (which hopefully you considered during your list building efforts), the next variable for open rate effectiveness is the Subject Line.  You should test different styles of subject lines by focusing on the number of characters (generally 50 words or less), your tone (try to keep it fresh, creative, and to the point), and by making it as relevant as possible.  Email marketers should avoid words such as “free” which tend to trigger spam filters.  Customers are flooded with spam, so avoid overly promotional newsletters.

Strategies to Increase Email Newsletter Click-Through Rate

If you want users to click, you’ll need to get their attention, generate interest, and get to a click by a combination of providing useful information that has emotional resonance with the audience.  The entire first paragraph should be geared to generate interest and excitement.  Connect with the emotions of awe and surprise that you are providing new and interesting information.  Use key stats and facts that are unexpected.  Or connect with the emotions of anxiety and fear that if the reader does not click, they may be missing out on important information based on their goals and objectives.  For best results, you should centralize focus on just one or a few topics and avoid overly complicated formatting with lots of columns.  A single column format is typically most readable on a mobile device.

Once you have your overall email newsletter marketing plan, along with your specific tactics to increase the impact of your newsletter efforts, be sure that your strategy includes consistent testing to keep newsletter engagement high.  Our team at Sparxoo has digital marketing expertise including web design & development, search marketing, and online newsletter marketing.

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