Website UX Matters to Brand Loyalty

March 8, 2013sparxoo_admin

We want you to get lucky with your customers. And we’re not just talking four leaf clovers and shamrocks. We’re talking brand engagement, and further increasing brand loyalty. We know what you’re thinking: this is blarney. But in reality, these two can truly work hand in hand together. The more engaged a consumer is with your brand, the more loyalty they will naturally develop towards it. And with that, we’d like to introduce you to our friend, user experience.

User experience isn’t simply the look and feel of a company’s website or products. It makes up all aspects of the user’s engagement with the company. Your user experience sums up how well you’re meeting the needs of the customer.

Don’t Press Your Luck
2.6 seconds. That’s how long your website has to make a great first impression. In those two seconds you have to garner enough interest and engagement for a user to stay and navigate through your website (or your bounce rate will skyrocket, and your SEO will sadly suffer).

So just how do you do this? You can’t just give customers what they want (simple, easy to use, pleasant to look at). You must anticipate their “tomorrow needs.” They are not going to tell you they need a website that is easy to navigate, but they do. They need you to make their experience as seamless as can be—through interface design, back-end design, marketing and graphics.

Dance a Jig
Here’s a scenario, would you rather read about a hilarious dance, or see a picture of it? Simple enough, you need to see it to get the full effect. This is how your consumers feel. You must show, not tell on your website. A single image can replace hundreds of words of text.

The text on your website also plays a significant role in user experience. Your copy must be magnetic. Your brand’s voice must come through with each sentence. In today’s time poor, information rich society, every word really needs to count. Gone are the days of pages upon pages of text. Today, best practices in user experience tell us that users have limited time to read, and prefer concise, to-the-point copy.

Pot of Gold
Pop Quiz: What’s your job?


Your job is to make your consumers’ jobs easier. Your job is to be the solution. When we look at how we can do this, we see that user experience plays an enormous role.

  1. Usability: No one can use your website if they can’t find it. How does your SEO hygiene look? If a simple Google search for your offerings doesn’t yield your company, chances are, it displays your competitors.
  2. Eye Candy: Humans are visual beings. To truly create the engaging experience with your brand, you must capture their attention through striking visuals that are relevant to their needs.
  3. Be Obvious: Please don’t play hard to get. Clearly show and display your product and service to your consumer. Don’t make them guess what your capabilities are.

At the end of the day, user experience starts and stops with the end user. This is your consumer, and your strategy must be driven at benefiting them. Don’t make your website content all about you. The consumer has a need. And your job is to be the solution most tailored to them.