Client Services Best Practices

June 24, 2013sparxoo_admin

Today’s marketing world is a bizarre, eccentric land. You have your right brainers trying to play nice with your left brainers. There are the creative directors who think so far out the box, you may think you live on separate planets. There’s the “brand police,” whose job is literally to make our lives harder. And of course, the account coordinators who have no concept of realistic timing.

While we may not understand why [place annoying coworker’s name here] insists on [insert said coworker’s most annoying tendency], we all have one thing in common. And that my creative and strategic thinkers, is that we work to serve. Whether your job is in-house, at an agency, or even freelance, client service is what makes our world go around. If our clients aren’t happy, we aren’t doing our jobs.

To better serve your clients, here are the top three tips for exceptional client service:

1. Anticipate the Learning Curve
If you have minimal to no experience with a new project, anticipate the amount of learning you will need to do before you can become informed. Being uninformed on a project makes it very difficult to be proactive with the client. If you do not come off as an expert, your client will not be confident in the work you’re producing. And ultimately, you will not be confident in the end result of the project. Being uninformed can also overwhelm project management time and resources.

2. Always Have a Big Idea
It’s important to have a big idea to ladder all initiatives up to when working with a client. If you’re piecemealing tasks or not prioritizing or strategizing to accomplish an end goal, your efforts are ultimately fragmented. Work should never be random or not results-oriented. Know what the goals of the project are before you begin, strategize a plan to achieve those goals, and always ladder all tasks up to the big idea or end goal.

3. Know Your Audience
This tip is two-fold. Knowing the target audience of the project is key. It’s important to get smart on who you are trying to reach before wasting your time or client resources. This is especially important with niche audiences.

Knowing your client is important in any project. There should be a designated project lead who should also be relationship building with the client. This will lead to a more cohesive relationship, more trust in new ideas, and more understanding should any issues arise.

These best practices will also enable you to do your best work, taking your skills to the next level. The outcome and an essential element of your job is to make your clients’ lives easer.