Everything Advertisers Need to Know About Marketing to Gen X

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If you’re asking yourself “Generation X… Wait, now which one is that?”, fear not, we understand it can get confusing. Just think the generation that’s directly between Baby Boomers and Gen Y. The dates range from 1965 to 1978, putting these consumers in their 30s to late 40s. Although targeting the up and coming generations are important, as an advertiser, you can’t neglect an extremely vital generation of unique consumers.

For starters, Generation X has the largest buying power in the consumer market today. For you advertisers out there, this generation’s values are front-and-center, making marketing to them a whole lot easier. X’ers are all about family. They work less than baby boomers, since they value the balance between work and play. When you look back at this generation today, you’ll find that Gen X has redefined work and family.

Take a look at brands that do it best: These simple steps are sure to win their hearts:

  • Always be authentic

    Marketing to Gen X

Unlike Generation Y’s need for high energy and extreme advertising, X’ers prefer advertising that takes a softer, calmer approach and exemplifies real-world situations. Take Volkswagen Darth Vader commercial for instance, it takes a classic approach that advertises in a heart-warming, family friendly manner.


  • Paint a picture in their mind

    Advertising to Generation X

So many times you watch a commercial and forget it as soon at it’s over. When you advertise in a manner that depicts your target audience’s values, you capture them in a way that builds strong brand recognition and build loyal customers who appreciate your honesty. In order to leave a lasting impression, keep your focus on displaying the importance of family. Subaru’s car commercials do it best. Their advertisements show a little girl sitting in the driver’s seat getting ready to drive and a concerned father saying goodbye, only to reveal at the end that this young girl is really a young adult. The real-world approach that this brand takes is absolutely fantastic because it expresses that in the end, family is what matters most.

  • Keep it simple

    Marketing to Generation X

There’s no need to be elaborate, just be up front. Coca Cola does a great job of keeping a classic approach that uses “happiness” as its one and only slogan. Whether you’re a parent or child, happiness is universal desire. The emphasis on caring and sharing is a heart-warming way to advertise to generation X– or any generation.


  • Understand their values

    Gen X MarketLast, but not least, lets look at MasterCard. Their “priceless” campaign has lasted simply because everyone can relate. Their slogan says it best, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard”. They couldn’t have said it better. Real-world situations depict of a balanced life, speaking volumes to this generation. Becoming one of the industry’s most admired campaigns, it raised viewer’s awareness and built lasting brand loyalty.


This generation has seen an insurmountable amount of change. They grew up much different from the children in today’s society, but they have adapted to a new world of ambitious progression. Despite having a smaller population from other generations, Generation X has a unique impact on the market. Advertisements that Generation X can identify with use a realistic and genuine approach.