Online PR Campaigns – The Power of 140 Characters

in Digital Marketing | by Grace Northern

Scenario: Your company has a new product that it wants to introduce. You have a strong customer base, but want to increase your customer count with the introduction of this new product. You want to announce the new product to as many current and potential customers as possible. How do you do it?

Traditionally, your company may draft a press release and distribute it to reporters who may report on the story – leaving you with your fingers crossed that they will cover your new product announcement. What happens if they don’t cover the story? Does your new product announcement go uncovered? To paraphrase a familiar adage, if a product is launched and no one tweets about it, is it launched at all?

Don’t get us wrong, this traditional aspect of a PR campaign is critical and necessary – and can be incredibly impactful when your story does appear on the front page. But, with today’s digitally connected consumer, why not take advantage of online social tools to further deliver your message? We consider this to be a vital element to any PR campaign and here are a few reasons why:

  • Consumer Engagement:

    With over 1.5 billion Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users, it’s more likely than not that your consumers are using social media to connect. Digitally connecting with your customers keeps your company top-of-mind and allows you to target your consumer base when delivering a message.

  • Brand Awareness:

    Connecting with your consumers not only increases engagement, but it also allows the opportunity for your brand’s followers and friends to further establish your brand. With every retweet and “like,” your brand’s image reaches more and more potential consumers.

  • Message Delivered:

    Remember that product announcement that we presented in the scenario? Once you’ve established your online presence, you can deliver the message any way that you want, when you want. A few tips for message delivery: Be concise. Be share-worthy. Be impactful.

  • Expert Reputation Established:

    No matter what industry you are in – it’s important to establish your company’s reputation as a credible brand. By pushing out reputable content via social channels, you are further promoting your brand and citing your company as industry experts.

  • Crisis Management:

    What if something goes wrong with the new product that your company is announcing? A product defect, customer dissatisfaction, or a product recall are just a few scenarios that could cause negative news for your company and spread like wildfire via social channels. An effective public relations campaign is two-sided and involves: distributing key messages and quick-time responses to damaging news. Active social media monitoring and prepared response plans, are critical to any PR campaign.

If you’d like to discuss more online PR campaign tips and how they can make an impact for your company, contact our team today.