The Future of Social Media Marketing: What It Can Do For Your Brand

August 26, 2013sparxoo_admin

The popularity of social media is soaring. Increasingly, brands are taking to the web to connect with potential customers to make their brands known. What are you doing now to get your brand out on the web?

The increased communication on social media helps organizations build brand awareness, cultivate customer relationships, and implement integrated marketing campaigns. The key is to deliver a message that resonates and is share-worthy. The pass of information from customer-to-customer will help further establish your organization as a trusted brand.


Strategy and Planning

How do you reach those potential customers to bring them to your site? Here are a few pointers on increasing and maintaining your traffic flow:


1.  Focus on Direct Communication:

Social media sites allow for potential customers to comment, like, retweet, and connect to your brand. This is an opportunity for your brand to interact directly with potential customers and build a message that will resonate with the customer. Be sure you show that as a brand, you listen and are interested in your potential customers’ needs.


2.  Keep it Real:

No one likes interacting with an automotive robotic response, so why not ditch the robot? Be genuine, be vulnerable, be authentic, just simply be yourself. Showing interest in your customers, helps establish a positive interaction, allows for open dialogue, and provides a better understanding of your customers’ needs.


3. Post Your Originally:

Social media sites are tailored to the personality of the user. Use the sites to tell your brand’s story. Consider your partnerships, your employees’ stories, your company’s characteristics, community involvement and all that makes your brand’s story unique. Find a way to tell your story that inspires your customers to share your story.


4. Focus on Your Target:

This is where you can drive your leads and sales. Rather than focusing on a large community of people, direct your attention to the people who would be excited to know about your brand. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ collect data about their users based on employment, interests, education, location, and age. It’s the Golden Ticket to find your next potential customer.


5. Follow Up on the Results:

Similar to Facebook’s and Twitter’s collection of data on its users, each site offers built in analytics such as Twitter’s HootSuite. These additional sites provide information as to which posts and updates are getting the most attention.  If your social media sites are effective in reaching your target audiences you’ll see a growth in your posts, retweets and an increase in your traffic.


Social Media Service:

Strategizing and implementing a results-driven social media plan is an important element to a brand’s overall marketing success.  Contact Sparxoo today for a free social media marketing consultation.