Using Integrated Marketing To Build Brand Credibility

in Branding Digital Marketing | by Grace Northern

Marketing industry experts estimate that it takes anywhere from 8-25 touch points before a lead becomes a customer. What does this number mean to your brand? Whether this number seems low or high, it’s important that your brand builds and executes a strategy that will increase the number of consistent customer touch points.


Here are a few questions to consider when developing your integrated marketing strategy:


  1. How many touch points does your brand have with current / potential customers in a given week? Month? Year?
  2. Is the current number of buyer touch points producing your desired ROI?
  3. Are you utilizing both online and offline strategies to reach this target number?


While the answers to these questions will vary from one brand to the next, the overall goal and strategy should be the same: Increase the number of customer touch points and maintain a consistent message across all platforms.

To help you prioritize what is best for your brand, we have complied a few tips for increasing and effectively reaching consumers:

  • Online:

    The number of social media users grows daily and is increasingly a primary source of information for many consumers. In order to build your brand’s online presence, you should use digital platforms to distribute information, digitally connect and exchange with consumers, establish the brand’s executive team as thought leaders, and monitor what consumers are saying about your brand (and your competitors).

  • Offline:

    While online marketing is getting more and more attention, brands should be cautious to not neglect their offline marketing strategies. Events, conferences, community involvement, traditional advertising, and sponsorships are just a few ways to build your brand awareness offline and reach your consumers in a different setting.

  • Linking Online & Offline:

    A lot of brands execute good online strategies and a lot of brands execute good offline strategies, but the brands that are skilled at connecting and integrating strategies across both offline and online platforms are a head above the best.


When brands link online and offline marketing, they are promoting a consistent message across platforms, effectively engaging with consumers in “real” life and in the digital world, and are further establishing their brand as a credible source.

A well-executed integrated marketing campaign can make the difference in standing apart from your competitors. Increasing the number of touch points, both offline and online, will enable your brand to stand out from the crowd and help you achieve your marketing goals.