How Can Infographics Be Used For Sales Presentations?

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What do you get when you combine statistics and data with creative design? An infographic! Numbers and statistics can only be so interesting before you loose your audience’s attention, so what better way to engage a viewer than simplify and beautify your results. When you’re presenting a sales pitch, the results are always the biggest selling point. Why not showcase those results in a structured and detailed layout that pulls in and engages the viewer?

Infographics can be used to:

1. Consolidate Information and Reduce Clutter

The sole purpose of an infographic is to organize data into a concise graphic that leads the viewer through a process of understanding. There’s a powerful balance between the amount of data used and a clean simple design. If an infographic is too simple, your viewer may not feel impacted, however, too much data can overwhelm your viewer.


2. Develop Stronger Presentations

Through graphical representation you grab your audience and entice them through creatively designed infographics that awe and engage. A step-by-step process enables the viewer to see the whole picture, yet allows each step to tell its own story. A well-designed infographic is not only fun to look at, but it can also strengthen the authority of a presentation.

“Show the readers everything, tell them nothing.” 
? Ernest Hemingway


3. Engage The Viewer: Establish Brand Identity

An infographic paints a picture using a wide array of data. A well designed infographic allows a brand to stand out as a thought leader by presenting information in a clever and enlightening fashion. The recent infographic trend has shown businesses a whole new way of interacting and engaging with an audience.


If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at sites like, you can find hundreds of well-designed infographics on a huge variety of topics. Using infographics for sales presentations could prove extremely successful since the purpose is to show, rather than tell.