Using Bing Ads to Increase Sales

in Digital Marketing Strategy & Trends | by Admin

You’ve heard of AdWords. The advertising platform delivered to us by the almighty Google. With billions of AdWords revenue generated each quarter, it’s not a shock that AdWords is the most popular digital ad platform because they have the market share—but what about Bing?

Bing Ads is the platform that displays ads on the Bing and Yahoo networks—the ads display similarly to how they do on Google. Located at the top, sides, and bottom of SERPs. Ads on Bing have the same pay-per-click payment model as Google AdWords. And, knowing that their competitor is the PPC leader, they have enabled the functionality that allows AdWords campaigns to be easily imported into Bind Ads.

Now, that you have the overview on Bing, why should you use it? Bing users need your products and services too. In a typical PPC campaign, I will run on both Google AdWords and Bing Ads—and I acquire qualified leads and spend less with Bing. Now we must keep in mind—the audience is smaller so I have fewer impressions so I have fewer clicks so I spend less. That said, because there is less competition, you have less companies bidding on your keywords, allowing you to pay less per click yet rank higher.

So, if you were wondering if advertising on Bing is worth the trouble, I would strongly argue in its favor. It’s very easy to setup, especially if you’re running a Google AdWords campaign. Utilize the usual campaign tools—keyword planner, traffic estimator, iSpionage, etc.—then just import the campaign from AdWords and modify the daily budget, if needed.

Want to give it a shot, but don’t want to mess with ad groups and match types? Let us help. Contact Sparxoo and speak to a Bing PPC expert today.