7 Ways to Ignite Your Social Media

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In this crazy marketing day and age, where everyone is looking for their piece of the virtual pie, just having social media accounts won’t cut it. You have to be fresh, cutting-edge, and on the forefront of trends. A little humor doesn’t hurt, either. And remember to always give your followers some organic content – not just retweets and shared articles.

With all of that said…how can you provide more power and punch to a stale social media campaign?

Here’s how…

1. Aim for Celebrity Engagements

Whereas celebrity endorsements used to be the highest echelon a brand could achieve for its marketing, nowadays a simple retweet by a celebrity could bring a big bang to your feed!


2. Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Use your partners and their followers to promote your own products or services. Ask them to refer their audience to your Facebook or Twitter sites. Partner with them to offer their business on your sites if they’ll do the same. Or leverage your social media reach when negotiating with potential partners. One caveat: Be careful! Make sure your partners are a value-add to your business and NOT a competitor. You don’t want to lose your potential prospects by tweeting a sale by your competition!

3. Publish Guest Posts

Allow guests to craft witty blogs, then post them on your social media sites. In turn, ask the blogger to return the favor and give your business a mention (and link-back!) in his/her next blog.

4. Go Viral!

Create a funny video, post a picture, draw a creative cartoon, do SOMETHING that will ignite your social media and get people talking, retweeting, sharing, etc. The wackier, the better. However, be sure not to compromise your brand’s integrity!


5. Give Away Free Stuff!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?? Ask followers to comment on your Facebook posts. Then choose a winner from the bunch. Offer a prize that’s small, yet mighty enough to capture interest. Contests and giveaways are a great way to get consumers to interact with your brand through social media.


6. Stage a Live Event

Publicize your event via all of your social media outlets. Create Event invitations on Facebook. Tweet locations. Even use LinkedIn to get the word out. Then, during your event, designate someone – or a team of someones – to tweet, post Instagram photos, and update statuses throughout the event. Create hashtags (#) that are specific to your event and make sure your staff is using them in their updates. Also, encourage attendees at your event to tweet and post using those same hashtags.

Another route to take – if you already have enough engagement – is to tweet a location to your fan base and ask them to show up to receive a free gift, discount, or just to have fun! The Ellen Show is a prime example of how tweeting instantaneous meet-ups can be highly successful.

7. Most Importantly…Connect with Your Customers!

It’s not enough to just post content. You MUST engage your followers to truly ignite your social media. Interact with them. Ask questions. Provide answers. Address issues. Show them that you’re human and that you truly care about their concerns. You don’t want to start a war with any disgruntled customers, but you do want to respond to their inquiries.


Remember: Causing a splash is great…but sustaining that momentum is just as important as creating the wave. Maintain regular contact with your social base. Give them something of value, something useful.

Follow those rules, and you’ll be fine.

Break the rules and do something new – you’ll be ahead of the curve!