Advertising Agency Interviewing Do's & Don'ts

in Branding | by Adrienne Morgan

So you think you can work at an agency? Awesome. Most advertising agencies pride—and distinguish—themselves on their culture. At Sparxoo, we’re no different. We hire the person, not the position.

How we hire is on par with a lot of creative companies nowadays. Our first round of interviews are typically by phone. To be completely honest, these interviews are to test whether you’d fit from a culture perspective. We’ll probably ask you a few technical questions just to make sure you can do what your resume says you can. Our second round of interviews are in person. Here is where we delve a little deeper into your skillset. Hint: The more people you meet in this round the better.


Be Fun

We work hard, but we play even harder. This means you are going to be encouraged to hang out at happy hour/group outings/etc. Please do not be lame. No one is “normal.” Everyone’s social awkwardness is endearing. Robotic interviews are boring, plus we want to see who you really are. So let your freak flag fly high.

On Your First Interview, Don’t Mention “Work/Life Balance”

Everyone at our advertising agency has a life/significant other/baby/dog/Netflix obsession. We don’t live at the office. But if work/life balance is so important that you must mention it on the first interview, a high-paced fast growing industry probably isn’t the best place for you. Luckily for you, word on the street is WalMart is hiring more greeters.


Snub the Intern

He’ll probably ask if you want a bottle of water, or show you where the restrooms are. He went through a rigorous interview, just as you are about to. There’s something amazing about him, or we wouldn’t have hired him. We are a team. Which means every single team member gives a thumbs up/thumbs down when we’re contemplating a new hire. So that intern you just snubbed…well, he now has a say in whether you join the Xoo or not.

Lie On Your Resume

Please don’t lie ever, and especially not on your resume. We assumed this went without saying, yet true story: If you’re going to lie about your education on your resume, please don’t make up a random university name. One of our awesome clients is a background check provider, eVerifile. We will screen you (if we have time).

Be a Jack of All Trades

Oh, so you know SEO, HTML, and you can design? You sound too good to be true! And you are. We want to see what your true passion/skill is. That’s great if you have other interests or want to learn other skillsets. But we need you to be an expert at something.


A fast growing company like us is always looking for their next rockstar. At Sparxoo, we hope that’s you.