3 Elements Every Brand Needs to Succeed

For some companies, branding and marketing might as well be called astrophysics and be deciphered in Egyptian hieroglyphics because they just can’t seem to figure it out. For Sparxoo, it’s as easy and fun as planting a flower. All you need is a bright idea.

We start with the essentials:  market research, audience analysis, and a competitive assessment. The ultimate goal is to discover insights to position your brand in a unique light that brings it to life. This means finding an opportunity where your consumers’ wants & needs shine through.

Next, we pour in your brand’s creative strategy and develop a calendar of key events, milestones and objectives. It is vital to have a constant flow of communications and creative collateral that together adds up to a campaign. This body of work acts as a river that ultimately carries your brand onto bigger and better outcomes.

Last but far from least, love is what makes the world go around and keeps your brand’s blood pumping. It may start online by interacting with your fans and giving them an incentive to give back, or it may arise locally at an event or charity where you show your brand’s inner nature. These initiatives create an emotional connection that speaks to your followers and encourages them to speak on your behalf. Eventually, your goal is to make your net promoter score (how likely your fans are to recommend your company/product/service to their friends and colleagues) high enough to grow your brand exponentially.


See? Branding and marketing ain’t that hard! All you need is a bright idea, a steady stream of creativity, and a little bit of TLC.

If you still think it sounds like rocket science, give Sparxoo a call. There’s nothing we love more than cultivating brands and watching them grow. It may not be as relaxing in an office compared to real gardening, but for us, it’s just as rewarding.