The Building Blocks of Business to Business

There’s this perception that business to business marketing is the driest, basic-est, and most boring-est job out there. Myths like “you can’t be creative” or “you can’t have any fun” is what gives B2B a bad name. On the contrary, it’s those exact things that can make B2B successful and valuable. Be creative, be fun, and begin to see B2B in an entirely new light. Still lost in the dark? Take a look at our 4 principles to brighten & build-up your business’s marketing strategy.


• Understand the information your buyers need and deliver it in a way that is easy for them to access and consume.
• Make your content attractive, discoverable, consumable and sharable.
• Essentially, your value = making your clients’ lives easier. Discover opportunities to streamline and make your relationship with them essential in their big picture.


• Create demand for your products & services – you have to fill a void.
• In contrast to lead generation, it requires changing what is in your buyer’s mind.


• For others to purchase your product – they have to trust you.
• Whether it’s the founder, the president, the CMO, or a team member – you and your associates are expected to be experts in your field. To prove this, let your content showcase a more passionate and generous side of your business rather than strictly a sales pitch.
• Overall, raise the visibility of your CEO or another team member to parallel your business’s services.


• From creating a Google+ account, setting up directories, managing social accounts, and guest-blogging for links back, your business must do everything it can to move it’s way up the Google search ladder. It won’t be over night, but this is a marathon you can’t give up.
• No only do you have to be online, you have to be engaged. You have to be where your target audience is.

We hope these tips shed some light on the often misunderstood, business to business marketing. The most important to remember is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s B2B to B2C, you’re always selling to people. Like the CMO of SAP, Jonathon Becher, simply put it, “Glass buildings don’t buy software, people do.”

Until next time,