Educating the Next Frontier of Digital Innovation

New and innovative technology and scientific discoveries yield constant change to enable advancement of humankind. The list of historic science and technology innovations includes the printing press, electricity, semiconductor electronics, nuclear fission and the Internet. More recently, virtual reality, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, and the planned colonization of Mars have become a mainstream reality thanks to the new generation of discoverers and researchers.

As a Florida digital agency creating competitive advantage at the intersection of innovative technology and storytelling, Sparxoo is passionate about cutting edge trends in digital innovation. For the past year, we have been the digital agency for Florida Polytechnic University, the 12th state university poised to become one of the best engineering schools in Florida. Through our digital initiatives with Florida Poly, we have played an integral role in the collaboration between students, faculty, and industry that is at the heart of the University. Through Google Hangouts, web development initiatives and creative storytelling, we have deeper insight for the next generation academic experience focused on applied research, problem solving and continuous improvement.

We recognize that it’s challenging to teach what is constantly changing. It’s been said the most important skill of all, is the skill to be able to quickly and effectively learn new skills. Leaders must be equipped to face complexity and uncertainty, and to learn through experience. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the top skill desired by employers is the ability to make decisions and solve problems, a skill whose mastery often comes from experience in applied learning and experimentation.

Today, innovation doesn’t happen in silos. The engagement and alignment of a fast-changing industry with multidisciplinary learning serves as a catalyst for innovation, particularly in fields requiring technology innovation. Indeed, students and emerging leaders who are agile learners and are bold to disrupt at the cutting edge, are natural problem solvers and motivators. As an employer, Sparxoo looks for agile learners. The Association for Talent Development describes agile learners as those who “grasp new situations and instinctively know how to strike the right balance between risk and reward. Their experience helps them evaluate new business conditions, but it does not restrict their thinking.”

At Sparxoo, we are working with our client Florida Poly to champion the next generation of STEM leaders to make doing, developing and solving their second nature. This is the ultimate competitive advantage for students, emerging leaders, our industry partners, and the communities we passionately serve.

In conjunction with Florida Poly, Sparxoo has created the inspirational white paper, “Future Proof: Empowering the Next Generation of Extraordinary Discovery.” The white paper features digital and technology industry perspectives from Google, Mosaic, the Florida Chamber Foundation and Florida Hospital. Please follow this link for the digital innovation white paper to download the free white paper. We encourage you to share with others so that you can do your part as a catalyst to educate the next generation of technology and innovation.

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2015 Gasparilla Interactive Festival Recap

Recently, Sparxoo had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Gasparilla Interactive Festival, a festival that was organized by the American Advertising Federation and Ad2 Tampa Bay Chapters.

This event brought together leaders and influencers in the local digital community, and focused on the importance of community and customers. During this 1-day event, speakers provided their perspective on what community means to them, and how marketing leaders can make an impact on their business by focusing on the customer experience.

2015 gasparilla interactive festival recap

To recap the festival, the following are what we consider to be the top three takeaways from this year’s festival:

To Get Noticed, Your Message Must Be Useful and Visually Appealing

Today’s customers are savvier and more resourceful than ever before, and are consistently inundated with messages vying for their attention. Given the competition, marketers must create value and deliver their message through beautiful media that enhances their experience.

In order to deliver on these objectives, it’s important for today’s marketer to address the following questions when developing and implementing a marketing campaign:

  1. Does the marketing element inspire?
  2. Does it solve a problem for our customers?
  3. Is the provided information useful? Does it address a question?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions indicates that the marketing effort was built with added value to the end customer in mind.

Give Your Customers Something to Support, and They’ll Be Your Greatest Brand Ambassadors

When customers feel connected to a cause or product, they are more inclined to actively participate in your customer community—from re-tweeting your message to sharing your videos to commenting on your Facebook status.

As one of the festival speakers, Joanna Lord noted, it’s important to create a rallying point that both you and your customers can join together to support. This type of unification enables your company to build a community that not only shares a common mission, but also amplifies your brand’s message to potential new audiences.

Listen, and We Mean Really Listen to Your Customers

Today’s consumers are vocal. From Facebook to Twitter, your current and prospective customers are actively sharing all types of information—from their buying habits to product reviews. And while it’s clear that customers are talking at an ever-increasing rate, it’s critical that marketing leaders listen, analyze, and potentially modify marketing efforts in order to effectively serve their customers.