Innovation White Paper: Empowering the Next Digital Generation

April 2, 2015sparxoo_admin

In recent work with our client, Florida Polytechnic University, a leader in STEM education, I was asked to share my perspective on the future of technology and innovation. We developed Future Proof, a digital and innovation white paper and I’m excited to share experts of this Q&A.

Q: How has technology and innovation impacted the field of marketing?

innovation white paperA: Technology and innovation have revolutionized how businesses work, and how consumers consume in the marketplace. Today’s consumers are increasingly digital. Consumer engagement happens at lightning speed across mobile, web, and social. The field of marketing today blurs the lines between traditional and new media, between brand engagement and brand experience, and between content and commerce. The majority of Millennials use mobile for part of their shopping journey and depend on social media to keep up-to-date on current global and local news.

Q: What are new opportunities enabled by technology?

A: Through technology and networks of connections, brands can target the right customer with the right message at the right time. This customization enables brands to seamlessly integrate into consumers’ every day life. Today, brands are empowered to disrupt the marketplace and create new markets.

Florida Polytechnic University is a great example of this. Florida Poly’s marketing doesn’t look like any other state or public university out there. Florida Poly’s marketing is fresh, dynamic, and constantly changing. Florida Poly is leaping beyond the traditional education industry with an entirely new approach to marketing.

Q: What is the ideal next generation STEM candidate?

A: Technology, the knowledge of code, and digital know-how will soon be akin to alphabet and arithmetic. The ideal next-generation STEM candidate is an individual who is resourceful to approach situations and can problem solve in new ways. The next generation STEM candidate is passionate about new ideas and powerful solutions at the intersection of technology, storytelling, and consumer engagement.

Q: What are the keys to success in an always-on world?

A: Marketing today is shaped by digital. The always-on consumer is more connected than ever before. This level of connectedness forces brands to market in a way previous generations have not seen. Brands must constantly innovate to not only stay ahead of the curve, but ultimately, to set the curve. Brands must be agile and responsive to consumers’ wants, needs, and changes in demand.

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