Setting the Curve with Florida Polytechnic University

April 13, 2015sparxoo_admin

At Sparxoo, one of our digital marketing agency’s values is to “Be Visionary.” We are dedicated to finding new solutions as a catalyst for change and strive to create a better future. That’s why, when we had the opportunity to work with Florida Polytechnic University—a university that is committed to innovation and forward-thinking, we were thrilled.

Our work with Florida Poly began with the development and launch of the University’s website. From there, we have expanded our work with Florida Poly to include various marketing initiatives, from virtual events to SEO services.

Below are a few examples of the work Sparxoo completed on behalf of Florida Poly.

Web & Mobile Site
Florida Poly was in the initial stages of attracting its inaugural class when Sparxoo had the opportunity to work with the University on the design, development and launch of For this project, the University wanted to create a websitewebsite that showcased Florida Poly as a technology and innovation hub.

During the brainstorming session, Florida Poly challenged Sparxoo to design an innovative website concept that would inspire other universities and create a concept that the education industry has never seen before.

Such a website was only fitting for a university that would open its doors to pioneering students with innovation labs, a supercomputer and an all-digital library. Sparxoo pushed the limits of web design by using innovative navigation and storytelling that integrated icons, parallax scrolling and best practices in mobile design.

As a result, the site was well received and Florida Poly was ahead of schedule in recruiting its first class. The University also showcased the website for an eight hour session in Tallahassee, demonstrating its innovation to political leaders in Florida.

Google+ Hangouts
Sparxoo worked with Florida Poly to implement Google+ Hangouts to reach out to current students, prospective students and others interested in STEM by showcasing the progressiveness and culture at Florida Poly.


Sparxoo assisted Florida Poly as they hosted a three-part virtual series of Google+ Hangout featuring a panel of STEM leaders who discussed topics such as advanced technology, robotics and the future of STEM industries.



Future Proof

Future Proof is a digital innovation whitepaper that covers topics ranging from the economic impact of STEM in Florida to advanced and emerging technology trends. The whitepaper features interviews from industry leaders and provides insight on the importance of STEM and its predicted impact for Florida’s economy.

Sparxoo worked with Florida Poly on the the concept development, content creation and overall design execution for Future Proof.innovation white paper

Today, Sparxoo continues to manage website updates, organize focus groups with students and staff, host Google+ Hangouts and lead search marketing and copywriting efforts. Sparxoo is eager and excited to continue setting the groundwork for Florida Poly’s legacy.

For a free copy of Future Proof, download the innovation white paper now.

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