Nonprofits in the Mobile Realm: Uniting the World through the SmartPhone Screen

in Branding Digital Marketing | by Marisa Rando

As a nonprofit organization, looking for innovative ways to communicate your cause can be difficult. Campaigning to stagnant lists of supporters and donors can be ineffective, especially if these partners have been tapped into repeatedly. And, garnering support from new partners and donors is challenging as they can be hard to come by—until now. Non-profits are stepping up their game when it comes to adopting new ways to generate buzz for their charity by focusing on tactics such as geo-location and app development. The integration of mobile-friendly marketing and charitable engagement techniques are reshaping the way nonprofits spread their message.

Through mobile advertising and app development, your organization can expand its reach and connect with large, new environments devoted to giving and engaging. Even if it’s just making sure your site is mobile-friendly for users, optimizing your nonprofit’s mobile presence is imperative to the success of your organization, as many high-performing nonprofits receive more than a quarter of their donations from mobile giving.

Listed below are some of the Sparxoo’s favorite examples of nonprofits that have creatively expanded into the world of mobile:








Caravan Studios designed a brilliant app, SafeNight, to help aid the victims of domestic violence escape their abuser. The app notifies users when local domestic violence shelters are at capacity, encouraging users to donate any monetary amount, which are used to fund hotel rooms and other safe places for victims across the nation. This app is creative in its intimate call-to-action technique by empowering communities to help other individuals directly when they need it.

Blood Donor

Blood Donor, an application developed by the American Red Cross, allows people who are willing and able to give blood to find their locations easily, schedule appointments to donate, and learn more about the organization. The app has not only created a system that facilitates giving, but it also has incorporated a rewards program in collaboration with local retailers that offers donor benefits.



The LunchBox Fund is an organization dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of impoverished children in rural regions of South Africa. The organization created the app, Feedie, as an easy, effective and free way for mobile users to donate meals to children. Using Feedie, mobile users can snap a photo of their meal at any participating restaurant, upload it, and the restaurant will donate a meal on their behalf. In essence, the app helps users share food—literally.

Here’s your call to action to get creative. In order to effectively reach new donors and promote your cause, it’s imperative for your organization to tap into where donors are: online. So, where does your organization start? Devise a plan of action to go mobile, deciding which type of application or mobile advertising strategy is right for your nonprofit organization. Use these resources to kickstart your campaign efforts and expand your reach:

  • One Today (Google) – This application, powered by Google, allows users to easily donate $1 each day to causes and nonprofits.
  • Check-in for Good – Each time a user “checks-in” at a participating retailer, a micro-donation is automatically generated to a cause.