Bringing Visual Style to the Next Level with Iconography

November 19, 2015sparxoo_admin

The Web is growing at an exponential rate, and you may be wondering, “How can I make my website stand out from the rest?” At Sparxoo, we take pride in being up to date with cutting-edge web development and marketing concepts. A website must be both visually enticing and interactive with its users. As an example of a best practice tactic, we have some examples of line and material iconography created by our multimedia design team.

Color and material design style icons are a key component in progressive web development because they provide a tangible, responsive outlet for site visitors. The artistic direction of a material design will take an image out of the two-dimensional realm and bring it to life through use of reflections, shading and shadowing.

Determining what experience you want your users to have on your website will help you to decide what visual style – material design or line icons – will work best. Line design icons, such as the ones below, are more accentual. These icons help users navigate the site without overpowering the aesthetic, and are targeted more for branding. Similar to material design, line icons can have dual meaning in their symbolism. Material influenced sets, such as the bottom image, are warmer, more engaging and catch the eye. Understanding what UI works best for your audience will help you figure out what visual style will have the best response.

As our treat, we are providing these sets of icons as a free resource to help you utilize these tactics and gain more traffic for your site. Use them wisely. Cheers!