Digital Marketing Trends 2016: Not a Micro-Moment to Spare

December 7, 2015sparxoo_admin

This year, the digital marketing world can expect to see an increased focus on everything from micro-moments and the rate of responsiveness, to taking the “content is king” mantra to the next level. At Sparxoo, we want to help you ring in the new year with an in-depth discussion of seven trends in our guide, “2016 Digital Marketing Trends: Your Guide to Be Badass.”

The first notable trend is micro-moments. Micro-moments are those quick instances when people use their phone to learn, discover, research, watch or buy something, and they have forever changed the way consumers behave. However small, these micro-moments are the deciding factors for acquiring a customer or losing to a competitor. Here’s an insight from our guide about the “need it now” mentality of consumers:

“As consumer’s buying behavior and brand behavior changes, businesses must adapt and evolve to keep up. Consumers have become more impulsive and are instant-gratification seeking. As proof, Google search interest in “near me” has increased 34x since 2011. Thanks to the smartphone, today’s consumer is intent- driven in micro-moments. They want to go, want to do, want to know, want to buy, now. And it is your brand’s responsibility to be there, be relevant, be responsive, and be there to meet their needs in real-time. Micro-moments are where decisions are made and preferences are shaped.”

As today’s consumers’ attention span continues to shrink, the need to be right where your audience is, right when they need you, becomes even more critical. Optimizing local SEO and ensuring that your business’s website is showing up in location-based searches, such as “near-me” type queries, is one way to win the micro-moments game. Below are some tips on how to take charge of local results:

Optimize on Page Content

Ensure that your on-site content—including keywords, meta descriptions, titles, URLs and image file names—are all optimized for SEO. Search engines scan website copy to get a feel for what the page is about and to see if it is relevant for that keyword.

Build Local-focused Product Pages

Conduct keyword research for each specific product and the location it is offered in, then build product pages based on the selected keywords. Ensure that the pages being built are accurate landing pages for corresponding pay-per-click campaigns. Provide unique content for each page and be wary of overusing the keyword—don’t overdo it, or you’ll be a red flag in the eyes of Google.

Claim Your Listings

They’re yours, so own it. Do a local citation audit, and find out what directories your business is listed on and which ones it isn’t. Add your business to major national directories, such as Bing Places for Business or Manta, as well as any local or niche directories that are relevant to your business. Keep all listings consistent and make sure that the business name, address, website and other details are correct for every citation. Accurate data prevents potential customers from getting the wrong information, and it also keeps Google from getting confused about your business. The more local citations your business has, the more likely Google will view your website as a valuable result for your location and for the service you offer.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

With every business transaction, encourage your customers to leave a review for your company on Yelp, Google My Business, or any other review site. Google My Business reviews have a bearing on where your business shows up in the rankings, and a large number of reviews can help you get your business in the Google 3-Pack. Not only do reviews help with rankings, but they also act as a vote of confidence for your business.

Micro-moments add up, and to get ahead of the digital marketing curve, you have to be available to the audience. Take advantage of these precious moments by optimizing both on-site and off-site for local SEO. If you want to be the number one choice for your products and services in your location, you have to start by putting your business on the virtual map. Stay tuned for the next trend discussion from “2016 Digital Marketing Trends: Your Guide to Be Badass.”