5 Effective Ways Nonprofits Can Engage Donors on Facebook

January 2, 2016sparxoo_admin

If you’re a nonprofit organization, utilizing Facebook is a must. It’s an exceptional tool for connecting with current and potential donors by sharing your organization’s message. In fact, a recent Waggener Edstrom survey stated that 55% of people who engaged with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action. Facebook is a great tool to use for an organization operating on a tight budget, like a nonprofit.

Here are five high-impact ways nonprofits can use Facebook to engage with donors:

1. Network with Organizations

With Facebook, you get what you give. That’s why it’s important to promote community engagement by interacting with other organizations, followers and brand loyalists. Sharing compelling stories that your audience can identify with not only reinforces a positive social presence, but also, plus it encourages engagement. This will help to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations.

Global Green NOLA’s, a nonprofit with the mission of creating a more sustainable future, Facebook post below demonstrates the power of networking. As shown, the nonprofit commends Friends of Lafitte Greenway, another local nonprofit, for adding recycling bins on Lafitte Greenway:

Global Green NOLA interacting with another organization on Facebook

Remember that users join Facebook to stay connected to friends and family, not companies. It’s important to show the human side of your organization and stay connected with the community. By sharing Friends of Latfitte Greenway’s news, Global Green NOLA is reinforcing the impact both organizations have on the community.

An effective method for creating Facebook posts that drive engagement is called the 7/20/10 rule. This rule splits every post into three categories and denotes how many Facebook posts should go into each. It’s recommended that nonprofits use the 70/20/10 rule to share:

  • 70% intriguing stories, videos and photos
  • 20% of other organization’s content
  • 10% promotional content from your organization

2. Be Responsive

The point of social media is to be social, right? Ensure current and potential donors are heard by answering their questions or comments in a timely manner. Doing this will humanize your nonprofit and give it a voice. Research UK Race for Life, a nonprofit event dedicated to raising funds for cancer research, does an excellent job of communicating with the community. Many event fans share personal stories about how they or a love one were affected by cancer. Responding quickly and sincerely helps form a bond between the nonprofit and donors.

Here’s an example of Cancer Research UK Race for Life’s quick and friendly response to a Facebook comment:

This nonprofit has the perfect response to their Facebook fan

Unfortunately, negative comments are inevitable. And, all comments merit a response. Make sure your organization devises a response strategy so there’s a plan in place before a controversy occurs.

3. Post Share-Worthy Content

Nonprofit organizations share inspiring content. The more engagement a Facebook post receives, the more viewers it will reach. Business Insider states that over 350 million new photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday. It’s critical your organization stands out from the rest. Use original photos that capture the message of your organization so users can understand its mission and empathize with the cause.

Below is an example of a post by Project AWARE Foundation, a nonprofit focused on ocean conservation, that received more than 600,000 views:

Post share-worthy content, like Project AWARE Foundation's post

Posting content like the example above will help increase shares and the likelihood of new users seeing your organization’s social posts.

4. Add a Call-to-Action

Another great (and free) tactic is to add a “donate” button on your organization’s Facebook cover photo. This call-to-action appears at the top of an organization’s Facebook page. When a visitor clicks on this button, they’re directed to a page where they can enter any desired donation amount. This encourages users to make a quick donation without even scrolling through your newsfeed. Check out Doctors Without Border’s, a nonprofit that helps people worldwide in emergency situations:

Use the 'Donate Now' button to gain quick donations

5. Imagery is Everything

Donors support organizations that they believe in. A great way to form an emotional connection is by sharing imagery that captures your audience’s heart. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s leading environmental conservation organization, does an exemplary job at this. WWF’s cover photo, of two elephants interacting, gives visitors a sense of their mission and what WWF is trying to achieve, which is protecting the world’s species.

WWF uses great imagery on its Facebook page

Videos also perform strongly on Facebook, collectively attracting billions of daily views. It’s essential for your organization to share videos that promote your brand’s story and seamlessly connects users with the cause. Learn more about the benefits of Facebook videos here.

Your organization’s Facebook page is truly your second line of defense when it comes to communicating with the public. Maintaining an active social media profile, generating share-worthy content and producing dynamic imagery is a great way to gain exposure and engage with your audience. Integrating these five tactics into your organization’s Facebook strategy will not only help your brand reach a larger audience, it will also help you connect with the right audience: your supporters and donors.