Marketing Automation for Everyone

February 15, 2016sparxoo_admin

Do you often get overwhelmed managing difficult and robust outbound marketing campaigns? Frustrated marketer, meet your marketing fairytale: marketing automation. Marketing automation takes all of these hair-pulling assignments, and mundane promotional marketing initiatives, and manages them across multiple digital channels. Using different marketing automation tools, a company can reach its target audience, follow up on leads, and build more substantial relationships in a sophisticated, non-invasive manner. What’s even better? Marketing automation tools are now much more user-friendly and can be utilized by a wide variety of companies.

Below is an excerpt from Sparxoo’s “2016 Digital Marketing Trends: Your Guide to Be Badassthat introduces marketing automation as a contemporary tool for companies of all sizes.

Marketing automation was formerly a secret weapon of only large brands. Today, it’s an entry level capability used on the front lines by small and medium size businesses throughout the world. According to Pardot, 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for two or more years.

Incorporating marketing automation software into your business model will transform the way your business conducts outbound marketing campaigns. Rather than blindly sending out email blasts and unwarranted advertising efforts, marketing automation tracks and nurtures prospects and customers for the long-term. By nurturing leads, marketing automation funnels prospects to a desired action and directs them to the purchasing point.

What is Marketing Automation?
Marketing automation is an umbrella term for the various software and tactics that are designed to follow and assist consumers through the entire buying process. This covers everything from scouting prospects to following up post-purchase to ensure customer satisfaction. Through buyer behavior observation and monitoring search patterns, marketers can personalize content, and furthermore increase probability of purchase. Marketing automation software, in its design, is mutually beneficial for both suppliers and consumers. It allows suppliers to reach their desired audience more effectively, and for consumers to improve their e-commerce experience by eliminating unsolicited advertisements.

Getting Started
If a decision is made to move forward with marketing automation, do some homework to determine which software works best for your business’ needs. Research marketing automation services and figure out which offer the most promise for financial success. Most programs will offer online demos and product walk-throughs to explain their features and benefits. Additionally, marketing automation programs usually provide articles regarding general information, utility and trends pertaining to marketing automation as a tool.

Stop. Automate and Listen.
After a tool is selected and implemented, the design of automation programs should begin. Start with a content audit determine what is available to your business. After an audit, map out the messages and frequency for prospect communications. Then, build out your program and launch. To start, test out your marketing efforts on a small audience that your industry understands well. This will help determine the strengths and weaknesses within the content that’s on hand, and allow for adjustments.

Your Time to Grind.
When concluding the first and second trial runs of the campaign, a difference in results from the marketing initiatives will be noticeable. Rather than blindly casting out ads, emails or promotions into the open water of the web, ads are specialized and specifically targeted to demographics who already have expressed an interest (we’d say it’s more like fishing with dynamite). It is easy to get lost amidst the massive power of marketing automation, but once you master it- all former forms of mass media outreach will seem prehistoric.

As technological software continues to expand, simplify and boost marketing effectiveness, it is vital that we utilize these tools. Marketing automation is the next big component of an online revolution that will connect businesses to consumers on a much more intimate level. To learn more about marketing automation and Sparxoo’s innovations in the web-olution, be sure to check out “2016 Digital Marketing Trends: Your Guide to Be Badass.