An Emoji is Worth A Thousand Words: Why Brands are Using Icons for Advertising

April 12, 2016sparxoo_admin

The new wave of communication is here?. Across the globe, people are using this nuanced language to communicate with a worldwide audience. Emojis, which once started as an accessory to communication, are now making their way into corporate-branded ads, strategic social media campaigns and even the Oxford Dictionary. So, beware public: Marketers are getting Emoji-nal.

Statistics show that each month Emoji usage by marketers increases by about 20 percent. The most common Emoji users are those in e-commerce or retail; however, companies in all industries are beginning to integrate these colloquial icons into their marketing strategies. And, they’re doing so in pretty creative ways.

One example of this is a billboard made to promote the film DeadPool. Although the content on the billboard is pretty simple, it’s really effective and easy for drivers to digest. It also proves how society has welcomed Emojis into our culture with open arms ?.

Brands like Pepsi are taking Emojis to the next level. The worldwide cola brand is Emoji-ing its logo and featuring it on its bottles and cans this summer. Other brands are even reaching out to the Emoji platform to curate their own icons. Guinness, for example, is known for its darker stout and realized all of the current ? Emojis only reflect lighter beers. In an attempt to capitalize on this opportunity, Guinness contacted the Emoji platform to have their unique Emoji placed into the mix of the mainstream keyboard. 

So what is to be said about this trend in online communication? Call it media Pictionary, but we?? emojis’ ability to break boundaries of language, demographics and dialect. As they continue to evolve with a changing society, we will use Emojis to humanize brands, establish emotional connections with consumers and communicate more efficiently and effectively. (We think that’s a reason to ?.) Emojis have unintentionally become society’s new universal language, and we recommend all marketers to become fluent.